Apr 22, 2008

Learn about LANL subcontracting

Local small businesses can learn about subcontracting opportunities with Los Alamos National Laboratory at a small-business supplier forum from 8 a.m. to noon Thursday at the Cities of Gold Conference Center in Pojoaque.

Business owners are asked to call 665-5793 or e-mail anmx@lanl.gov to RSVP. They should also register between 7:45 and 8:30 a.m.

There will be more than a dozen resource tables staffed by representatives from LANL and Sandia National Laboratories.

A Web-based presentation on procurement possibilities at Sandia National Laboratories is also scheduled.


Anonymous said...

From the 2008 LANL Guide on ContractingBasics: "You must be willing to donate to the LANL foundation every year. But you may recover the associated cost through the indirect rate you charge the Lab; just as UC has done in the past. The DOE allows this--allows the contractor to "stick it" to the taxpayer in this way. So good luck in your bid to do work for the Lab."

Anonymous said...

What opportunities? Work is being done by the LANS partners through an informal process no contract needed, just an invoice through accounting. Called ROSSE agreements I think and no one to look at the hourly rates or costs. Heard this is how they bring in "displaced" workers from Bechtel and Washington Group. And DOE is none the wiser.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like LANS is using ROSSE agreements with their corporate partners to bleed LANL dry of funds. Do tell us more, 4:06 PM

Anonymous said...

It's a form of a staff augmentation without competition that is required on contracts. Remember, all staff augmentation needs AD and PAD approval before anyone can be brought in as either a contractor or a Lab employee. LANs has found a great way to circumvent the process. The way it works is a mechanical engineer, for example, is needed at CMRR. A Bechtel worker (engineer) who was displaced from another Bechtel project in another state magically appears and it put on the ROSSE agreement. Viola, this worker's Bechtel overhead is now covered and no one is the wiser that all these Bechtel workers are on ROSSE agreements, totally hidden from the purchasing rules, and Bechtel is not "burdened" with that worker's costs and neither Congress or DOE are aware of the higher cost and the hidden workers. These workers are not on any FTE list. So I'm sure when the director says the number of workers has decreased, he is fudging the fact that the ROSSE agreements have increased the number of workers and costs. Do you think he was lying to Congress last week? An estimate of ROSSE agreements is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A friend of mine who clued me into this pyramid scheme got in trouble when he questioned when a contract employee was converted to a ROSSE at a higher hourly rate. This friend was called by a senior manager and basically told to shut up and never mind. He was considering elevating but then he thought where - there is no one in charge of ethics, umm, we all had to read the ethics handbook, right? What a racket that is going on right under the nose of Congress, DOE and the IG.

Anonymous said...

The ROSSE scandal at LANL is the sort of thing that happens when you let corporations take over the management of a government operation. Bechtel is working to maximize their position so that they can rape LANL of funding and the LANS executive management is letting it take place. With each and every passing day, it appears that:

LANS == Bechtel/BWXT.

UC has left the building.

It was announced today that no privatization of the management at White Sands Missile Range is planned. Even the study to look at the idea of privatization at WSMR has now been canceled.

Too bad LANL and LLNL couldn't be spared from this privatization nonsense back in 2005. Perhaps Sen. Domenici learned something from the financial mess created at LANL and LLNL when privatization of management caused lab operating costs to skyrocket.

It boggles the mind to think that pre-LANS, LANL management cost DOE only $8 million per year and the LANL pensions costs DOE nothing.

The privatization of the weapon labs was one of the dumbest ideas ever produced by a government agency. It serves only to help make certain corporations very rich and create lucrative jobs for the DOE/NNSA managers who leave government service and apply for jobs within the corporations they once hired.



** Privatization Study at WSMR Canceled **

- ABQnewsSeeker - Friday, 25 April 2008

Expected growth at missile range causes Pentagon to reconsider plans.

New Mexico's U.S. senators this week hailed the Army's decision to shelve a study on whether to privatize some jobs at the White Sands Missile Range, according to the Alamogordo Daily News.

Sens. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., and Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., in 2006 had asked then-Army Secretary Francis Harvey to hold off on the study, saying the privatization study made no sense in view of an expected expansion at the base, the Daily News said.

Anonymous said...

I've been curious as to how LANL was suddenly acquiring these new employees who seem to all come from Bechtel. This was especially mysterious given (a) this year's need to layoff LANL worker using the SSP, and (b) LANL's worsening budgetary situation.

Now it is clear how it is being done -- ROSSE agreements! No wonder LANS is eager to keep this stealth program quiet. These people don't even show up as LANL FTEs!

LANS continues to find new ways to betray the workforce at LANL and Mike let's it all happen. By next year, we can expect to hear Mike again talk of the need of more layoffs due to our poor budget. The real reason will be so that LANS can make room at LANL for more Bechtel transplants who can live off LANL overhead.

Anonymous said...

Check the group mail-box station on paydays; an eye-opening experience. Some of these new folks don't get LANS paystubs.

Anonymous said...

The green lanl website is broken - can't view job openings.

Try it.