Sep 28, 2009

Saturday's UllrFest

It was a perfect day: mountain biking, beer & music.

Oh, and costumes, dancing, food, and more music. Don't know how the LANS shindig went, but those of us who spent the day at Pajarito Ski Hill had a great day.


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Sep 23, 2009

Tired of Just Moping Around, Reading the Blog?

The big day approaches: UllrFest 09!

Get out of the house this Saturday for UllrFest 09 up on Pajarito Mountain. There will be beer, mountain biking, and music. My friends the Hop Hedz will be playing -- they have a great sound. I may even sit in with them for a set.


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Sep 22, 2009

Gone, But Not Forgotten

By request, this comment gets its own post.


From the DOE Is Searching For LANL's Budget post:

"The so called "A" students are the reason LANL and the US are in so much trouble. They think they are so smart that the rules do not apply to them. I say to hell with them, no more Ph.ds for LANL, Wall Street or the Pentagon. If you have an "A" average as a college student you should also not be considered for a job since they will think they are so great. The D students as you idiots call them will get things done and do by the rules. The rules are there are a reason people what is so hard to understand about that? If you cannot understand than maybe you are not as smart as you seem."

Pete? Pete Nanos? Is that you, buddy? Hey, you *know* reading the blog is bad for your blood pressure. C'mon now, calm down.

There, better now? How are things at DTRA, BTW? Got all your CREM accounted for? Oh, and be careful using that laser pointer...

Sep 16, 2009

DOE Is Searching For LANL's Budget

They found it on the blog, of course. They also appear to be looking for LANL employee salaries, and for insights into our firefighting capabilities. An interesting combination of searches. Planning a fire sale, perhaps?


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Sep 14, 2009

LANS Listens?

LANS survey sez....
For each question, the choices are: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree.

Page 1:

1. I feel well-informed about events, decisions, and other news at the Laboratory.

2. Management cares about my concerns related to Laboratory safety.

3. Career opportunities at the Laboratory are good.

4. The Laboratory provides opportunities regardless of age.

5. The Laboratory is a good place to work.

6. The Laboratory rewards those who contribute most.

7. Employees are treated with respect.

8. The leadership team is working together to advance the Laboratory’s mission.

9. I have confidence in the leadership of the Laboratory.

10. Laboratory managers set good examples.

Page 2:

11. I trust what I read in Lab-wide communications (LANLtoday, Intranet, news releases, etc.)

12. I know the proper channels for reporting my concerns about safety.

13. I am encouraged to find creative solutions to new challenges.

14. The Laboratory provides opportunities regardless of gender.

15. Overall, I like my job.

16. I am committed to the success of the laboratory.

17. Laboratory managers/supervisors consult employees about decisions that affect them.

18. My suggestions about security would be acted upon if I expressed them to management.

19. Favoritism is not an issue in my group.

20. Upward communication is encouraged and enabled in my division.

Page 3:

21. My suggestions about employee safety would be acted upon if I expressed them to management.

22. I am held accountable for my work performance.

23. My supervisor/manager takes appropriate action when workplace concerns are raised to him/her.

24. The Laboratory provides opportunities regardless of race.

25. My work is challenging.

26. I plan to be working here five years from now.

27. Laboratory managers/supervisors have the authority to make decisions related to their own work groups.

28. My morale at work is good.

29. I am valued by the Laboratory.

30. Upward communication is encouraged at the Laboratory.

Page 4:

31. I am encouraged by my supervisors to report any unsecure conditions I observe.

32. I am proud to tell people I work for the Laboratory.

33. The Laboratory supports diversity in the work environment.

34. My work is rewarding.

35. I have a good understanding of the scope and responsibilities of my job.

36. Laboratory managers/supervisors positively motivate others to achieve goals.

37. The morale of my co-workers is good.

38. I believe that action will be taken on the results of this survey.

39. I know the proper channels for reporting my concerns about security.

40. My supervisor treats me fairly.

Page 5:

41. The Laboratory's employee population is diverse.

42. I am satisfied with my overall compensation, including benefits.

43. What do you value most about the Laboratory? (FILL IN TEXT BOX)

44. What do you consider to be the most significant impediment(s) to getting work done at the Laboratory? (FILL IN TEXT BOX)

45. I receive the most useful information about the Laboratory from... (FILL IN TEXT BOX)

Mike Anastasio's claim that "morale at LANL is good" will now be put to the test. We'll also soon know if Kevin Roark is correct with his claim that this blog is the platform of only a few employees at the lab who are unhappy with LANS/Bechtel management. We'll know, that is, as long as LANS doesn't hold the results of this survey from staff under the pretense of corporate "proprietary information".

You have two weeks to enter your opinions if you want to be heard. Sheeple need not apply.


DOE Cares

Please print and post in your workplace.

Sep 12, 2009

Comment of the Week

At least once a week we receive a comment that could best be described as one of those foaming-at-the-mouth right-wing political rants. They usually get rejected, much to the outrage of the frustrated blogger wannabe. Lately, though, one or two of these knuckle-draggers have become marginally smart enough to at least tie their rant topic to something, albeit slightly, topical to this blog. Like the NNSA, for example. So I approved one of those gems last night, to which somebody else replied this morning with what shall be our COW for this week.

From the Comment of the Week, Thursday Evening Addition post:

"no one is paying attention"


Then where did your news article come from? Ahmedinejad-Clause? The nuke fairy?


Sep 8, 2009

Leaving LANL

This person asked us to post his sentiments about leaving LANL on the blog.

A letter to LANS management:

The Uncaring Director and the BeckZillions have taken over LANL. You now have one less person employed at LANL, so you are closer to your 5% reduction in FTE’S for next year.

You know who you are with your fancy clothes and fancy cars and non management skills.

You have moved here to rape and pillage the land; as soon as it’s destroyed you will move on leaving in your wake those of us that make our homes here to deal with what’s left.

I challenge our nationally elected officials, Senators Bingaman and Udall, Representatives Heinrich, Lujan, Teague and our state officials Wallace and Griego to wake up before Los Alamos National Laboratory is no longer. Come here and really talk to employees not management, find out the real truth.

I terminated (sorry according to management I had to say retired) otherwise it would affect my retirement, a play with words by management. What I really wanted to do after a Gestapo type grilling was terminate my employment and retire, as quickly as I could.

I would have like to have waited for a few more months, but management has other ideas on making life unbearable for employees. Do you think morale will get any lower? I have no doubt that they are out to make life as miserable for employees as they can, and YES it will get lower. My group leader and FLM will never know what a huge favor they did for me.


The clouds have lifted, the sun is shining brightly and I have no cares. Amazing how quickly the stress level dissipates, although it will take a little while longer. I actually feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I am taller. For the past 2 days my headaches have been less severe and getting better all the time. I have no urgency to my life. Take it as it comes and enjoy. I no longer wear a watch as I don’t have a schedule to keep. I am enjoying my new found life to the fullest, and doing things on my schedule.

To all the above LANS management THANK YOU! You really are the best and brightest, LOOK out for each other and wear your shoes that grip so that you will stay out it front. You really need those big fat bonus checks. A well deserved reward for killing off what was once the Crown Jewel Laboratory of the United States.

To all my friends and LANS employees leave while you still have your health, life really does get better.

Looking forward to many more days in my new found life, I don’t miss you LANS.


Sep 3, 2009

Comment of the Week, Thursday Evening Addition

Re: D'Agostino's re-appointment as NNSA head:

I demand to see Tom D'Agostino's birth certificate! Dr. Chu needs to re-count the votes on this awful decision.

'Nuff said.


Comment of the Week, Thursday Afternoon Edition

This one grabbed my attention on the LTRS LANS EES (Employee Engagement Survey) post.

Here's our Thursday COW:

Few people seem willing argue against the position that LANL is much worse off now under the NNSA and the for-profit Bechtel-led corporation than it was under DOE and the non-profit contract years (excepting that brief period during the Nanos-led reign of terror, naturally).

The simple fact is that NNSA has been given free reign to do with LANL whatever they choose. The real question is why? I'm betting that military industrial lobbying is the answer. And you'll never lose a bet by following the money.


Sep 2, 2009

Hippocratic Oath Overruled by Bechtel

When Bechtel/LANS took over, doctors and medical providers at Occupational Medicine treated patients to diagnose and heal.

Imported Bechtel managers would tell the medical staff that they needed to reduce the number of “recordable” injuries and were told by same staff that their duty was to their patient and to uphold the Hippocratic Oath. Those were the early days of the transition.

Now, three years later, Occupational Medicine is bringing in an OSHA trainer from Denver to “instruct” them on what makes an injury recordable. This is important because recordable injuries are a metric by which LANS is judged, and which can determine those upper management bonuses.

No longer will an employee be treated to heal and minimize pain, but only in the most minimal method so as to avoid making their injury recordable. Examples include sending employees with serious ergonomic injuries away with instructions to take prevention classes, rather than referring to physical therapy. Physical therapy, you see, is a “trigger” which would make that injury recordable and jeopardize those bonuses.

What to do? Since (some) providers at Occupational Medicine no longer have your healing as a prime motivator, here is some advice.

If you are injured at work, go ahead and report it and go to Occupational Medicine. Expect them to minimize the injury to you and send you away with ibuprofen or some other over the counter medication. You therefore do not become one of their “recordable” cases.

If you are still in pain, or have questions, see your personal health care provider, who is still working to heal you and reduce pain.

Good luck! Remember, Occupational Medicine has become an extension of LANS/Bechtel Management- your wellness is NOT their goal- only their injury/illness statistics.


I doubt most contractors know Occupational Medicine exists. I certainly would have gone there before the Los Alamos Medical Center. It has been frustrating having to explain to doctors that TA-55 is not the UFO landing strip in Nevada.