May 21, 2008

Big Brother is Watching?

Dear Frank,

Can you please post this to make your readers aware that this activity is going on and that they should be concerned that their private information at DOE is being accessed for inappropriate reasons. Please keep me anonymous because I fear retaliation.

It has come to our attention that Laboratory Counterintelligence is looking at employee’s DOE Personnel Security files inappropriately and looking for dirt to use against employees which is a violation of the Privacy Act Law and DOE orders.

If you want to find out if you have been a victim of this rogue operation then send a notarized Privacy Act request to DOE/NNSA Albuquerque Service Center to the attention of the Privacy Act Officer. You need to ask for a copy of all documents and logs that show who has accessed your DOE Personnel Security files and for what reasons.

Send your requests to the following address:

Attached is a sample copy of a letter:

Date: Month/Day/Year

DOE/NNSA Albuquerque Service Center

Attention Privacy Act Official

P.O Box 5400

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-5400

To Privacy Act Official:

Based on the Privacy Act I am requesting the logs of any and all people who have accessed my DOE/NNSA Personnel Security File, the date they accessed the file and for what reason. I am requesting a complete copy of the File Review Logs and any other logs that show whom has accessed my DOE/NNSA Personnel Security File and the reasons for the access.

Your Name:

Address and phone number

Social Security Number

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Notarized signature

You must include your: 1) Social Security Number; 2) Date of Birth; 3) Place of Birth and 4) return address and telephone number at the bottom of the letter next to your notarized signature or DOE will not process your request. Send your request via registered U. S. Mail with return receipt to verify that they received your request.


Anonymous said...

If they haven't looked yet, they will certianly look now. (if you request a log copy). You can't win with DOE.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Charlie but when you work for NNSA/DOE they may look up your collective ass' and use "National Security Concerns" as an excuse. (They can also take a picture while they in there.) So welcome to DOE. Wanna fight with DOE? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

LANS Counterintelligence Office is headed up by Bill Phillips. I saw Phillips on Local Access Channel 8 the other night on the "Behind the White Coat" program. He talked about how he thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike Anastasio near the end of the program.

If LANS is running a sleazy little operation to illegally target certain workers, then Phillips would have to be at the heart of it. What does anyone know about this guy? His bio says he use to work for the CIA before he came to LANL several years ago.

Is Phillips an ethical person? Would he be the type of guy who would be willing to engage in this sort of sleazy activity for LANS? Anyone know the details?

Anonymous said...

DOE Security can do what they want in terms of viewing your security information, but I would think that our private, for-profit contractor, LANS, would need to have legitiment reasons to access this info before they could see it. For example, using it to go after LANL whistle-blowers would get them into big legal trouble.

There are laws about this stuff.
Is LANS breaking these laws?

Anonymous said...

10:18 pm: "Is Phillips an ethical person?"

From my personal experience working with him, Phillips is ethical, thoughtful, and completely committed to his mission. His bio's when signing on at LANL played up his connections to Eastern philosophies and religions, and extensive service overseas that resulted in a broad understanding of other cultures. I have not seen anything to contradict that, and have found him to be extremely intelligent, and a calm, cerebral individual.

Anonymous said...

"other logs that show whom has accessed "

"Who" is preferable to "whom" in this case.

Anonymous said...

To 10:36, You must be either new or very young at LANS. The DOE can and will use your information as they so choose, it's a 'spooky' arena you will enter if you even try to take on DOE. I worked at LANL for 25 years, Ive seen the kind of power that DOE/NNSA have, hey buddy you don't wanna go there. As for LANS having a legitimate reason...any thing will do, and they can chalk it up to "National Security" concers, which my young friend could be anything from: I don't like you up and including 'Whistleblowers" Especially Whistle-blowers, ever taken a lie-detector test? The results can and will be used against you if needed.

Anonymous said...

LANS use of info in the DOE Personnel Security files to "dig up dirt" would be similar to blackmail.

Corporate blackmail against a government cleared individual would be something for the FBI to take great interest in because it is illegal.

Is LANS now practicing corporate blackmail against some of their employees? I doubt it, but if someone has any inside information that this is occurring then they should be contacting the FBI.

Let's be very clear about this:


LANS is a corporate, for-profit company controlled by corporations like Bechtel and BWXT. They are not your government.

Anonymous said...

You want a blue badge, then sign the paper and shut up.

You want to keep your information to yourself, drink beer at lunch and smoke weed on the weekend, then go work for Google.

Don't confuse the two.

Anonymous said...

Shut up about what, 3:55 PM?

Exposing illegal behavior by a for-profit government contractor? Complaining about certain stupid aspects of how LANS is running LANL? Complaining about idiots over at NNSA and DOE and their inane policies?

No, we won't shut up, 3:55 PM. Well keep telling it exactly how we see it. The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and the use of the free press don't get taken away when you sign up for that blue badge.

LANL, as Sig Hecker recently stated to Congress, is beginning to feel a lot like a prison. Bechtel is very good at constructing prisons, so perhaps one day soon they'll succeed at completing the move of LANL toward this goal. We are not there yet.

Anonymous said...

"other logs that show whom has accessed "

"Who" is preferable to "whom" in this case.

5/22/08 8:25 AM


Who has accessed whom?

Anonymous said...

Look Mr. ACLU, if you think LANS has done something wrong then file a lawsuit. When you choose to work at a place like this, you give up some rights. If you don't want to work here then leave. That way you can smoke pot and bitch about the government all you want.

Anonymous said...

Poster 3:55PM / 6:43AM... you are a f*cking asshole. I hope you don't actually work at either LANL or LLNL. Not everyone who supports Constitutional rights of free speech and works at LANL smokes pot. What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

You Fu**ing paranoid jerk. Not everyone who looks at your background information is trying to screw you.

Anonymous said...

A year ago we were all self-righteously pounding our chests about DOE being too lenient on Jessica Quintana in granting her a clearance.

Now we're going to pound our chests about invasion of privacy because Counterintelligence office is looking into our files?

WTF, people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its a prison alright, those golden handcuffs are to damn tight.

Anonymous said...

They just look like Golden Handcuffs. They're actually plated with cheap Fools' Gold as a cost savings measure.

The real Golden Handcuffs for most employees disappeared soon after NNSA dumped the labs over to the a bunch of for-profit LLCs.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a golden c**k ring.

Anonymous said...

7:34-- That's exactly what it is! That's the only way we can keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the occasional doses of $ from St. Pete to help the ED.