Dec 15, 2008

Integrity in the Safety Directorate?

Dick Watkins, AD for Safety and Quality (oh, and Environment and Health) started his all hands meeting at the NSSB by stating that he wanted to “tear [an unnamed employee’s] head off just that morning.”

He went on to say that he’d overheard an employee say, ”That’s not my job” in a conversation. He referred to the worker’s words as showing an unacceptable attitude for anyone under his supervision.

This from a Bechtile who will soon retire, only to come back as a “consultant” charging multiples of thousands of dollars for his wisdom.

This from a corporate executive who supposedly supports an institution-wide Human Performance philosophy meant to look for flaws in the organization to explain accidents, rather than assigning blame to workers.

Watkins touts a decreasing rate of injuries and illnesses as a Bechtel accomplishment at LANL. This is not because of the success of great new Bechtile safety programs at LANL, but the direct result of Watkins and Cantwell pressuring the employees who classify cases to interpret them as less severe, or find a contorted rationale to classify them as “not work related”, and therefore not impacting the safety statistics. Even the health care providers at Occupational Medicine have altered their treatment of patients to minimize the statistics because of pressure from Watkins.

Good riddance to another retired Naval officer who did so much for to LANL. Let’s hope Cantwell doesn’t become his successor or the deception will intensify.


Anonymous said...

Down-classification of incidents is only part of the reason for the "improved" safety record.
Not doing much experimental work is the primary reason.

Anonymous said...

Another LANL worker who is offended...toughen up buddy. The real world is a bit more intimidating than your protected lab.

Most of LANL's problems can be attributed to someone complaining. I'm surprised no one has complained about how slippery the sidewalk is today.

Anonymous said...

L O S E R...

Anonymous said...

LANL has gone from having a single retired Navy bully (Nanos) as our lab Director to having a huge crop of Nanos-type managers placed througout the lab, thanks to Bechtel management.

I never thought I would be able to say this, but it is getting worse than it was during Nanos' reign!

Anonymous said...

Only met him once, and he was a dick!

Anonymous said...

America has become utterly corrupt. Integrity is lacking at all levels and the system is completely broken.

Don't believe me? Watch this MSNBC video from "Morning Joe":

Dec. 15: The list of victims of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme continues to grow. CNBC's Dylan Ratigan explains.


It's over, folks.

Great Depression II is at our doorstep.

Anonymous said...

"L O S E R...

12/16/08 8:54 AM"

Yes we know you are one already. STFU and go away.

Anonymous said...

Mikey? Is that you? How is that six-sigma plan coming along?

Anonymous said...

It is about time that someone has come forward to talk about Watkins and his band safety Nazis. I was also at his all hands meeting. They have brought disgrace to LANL. In time, after a GAO audit, I'm sure he will face federal charges and personal lawsuits from many of his employees.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that this information about Watkins' disgraceful directorate is finally coming out. I will be glad to speak to the GAO or the IG. As a woman, his behavior is very demeaning and offensive.

Anonymous said...

Dick Watkins, AD for Safety and Quality (oh, and Environment and Health) started his all hands meeting at the NSSB by stating that he wanted to “tear [an unnamed employee’s] head off just that morning.” (Article)

The feeling is mutual, Dick. Many employees would love to "tear the head off" incompetent Bechtelite managers who disgrace LANL with their presence. Especially those Bechtel managers who leave LANL, but then come back as highly paid "consultants" to continue the damage.

Anonymous said...

"As a woman, his behaviour" conjures up all sorts of visions.