May 4, 2007

Selfless Service to Humanity


You have been specially recommended for this Year's 2007 special grant. After confirming your professional record and experience, the UNESCO convention of 1995 held in Geneva unanimously agreed to give a quarterly science grant of seven million Euro (7 million Euro) to two (2) outstanding individuals from various countries who can render selfless service to humanity.

The Carter foundation, which supervises this science grant, encourages mostly African and Asia projects. If you are interested in receiving a grant for a science project then get back to us through this email: If not, then good luck with your own business.



Contact Person :- Dr Donald Blankstone.

Email :-

Dear Dr. Donald Blankstone,
Pinky and I are most humbled to be recognized for our selfless service to humanity. We've been mentioned on a few obscure websites like Wired and Scientific American, but we never dared dream we would come to the attention of the Carter Foundations!

Your offer of a seven million Euro (7 million Euro) grant could not have come at a better time. We direct your attention to our Froogle Wish List. As you will see, our needs are modest. We plan to send the remainder of the seven million Euro grant to a very kind gentleman in Nigeria who wants to wire transfer sixteen million dollars to us, but requires that we first pay a small administrative fee to initiate the process.
The Brain

1 comment:

Oppy said...

Pinky -

I commend you on your nomination and on your generous idea of helping the poor gentleman in Nigeria.

Perhaps you would consider sending some of the lovely gift to my medium who lives in a trailer in Royal Crest and has to smell the ether from the neighbor's "cooking".

She would like to move to a double-wide on North Mesa and needs approximately $40K to make the upgrade.

If you are willing to consider this philanthropic act, please break out your old Ouija Board and ask "Who is Oppy's Medium?"

- Oppy