Aug 4, 2007

Photographer discovers Los Alamos

Monitor Community Editor

Fascinating sites and places are around every corner in Los Alamos and photographer Eric Fairfield is featuring these local gems in a CD.

The sparkling, reflective surfaces of pots for sale at a local store are displayed in the CD, along with photographs depicting glittering pieces of a stained glass window on Los Alamos church and a cloudy sky faintly light by moonlight.

Although the CD currently contains only Fairfield's photographs, he is looking for photographs other residents have taken. To select which photos should be included on the CD, Fairfield said he would like to form a panel of judges, which would be comprised of photographers and non-photographers.

The goal is to release the CD by Wednesday, however, the date could be delayed, Fairfield said.

He hopes to have the CD available as quickly as possible and keep its quality high, he said. The CD will offer images that evoke memories and emotions. So far, the photos were taken within 15 miles of Los Alamos.

Two things motivated Fairfield to pursue this project - "one, my daughter gave me this camera which allowed me to go back to being a photographer and then I said, 'what are pictures that convey a sense of (Los Alamos) to me,' " he said.

Fairfield added he showed his photographs to others and they asked him where they could purchase his images. He decided to offer his pictures in a CD because it was the easiest way to distribute them.

"The object is to have people who have lived here a long time relive memories," Fairfield said. "I want them to be happy that they live here."

Fairfield has been capturing memories with his camera for 35 years. He said he enjoys "a photo that's both pleasing in composition and connects with the viewer."

The CD costs $20. To purchase a CD, call Fairfield at 662-3115 or e-mail him at


Anonymous said...

amazing. And this has to do with LANL... how?

Are you now going to post all of the other human interest stories The Monitor runs? How about the lady that makes the stuffed penguin dolls? At least she actually works at the Lab. And there is at least one professional photographer who also actually works at the Lab that sells his work on line. There are many many Lab employees who have turned their hobbies into businesses. Why don't you stick to people who are really associated with the lab.

Eric Fairfield does not work at the Lab. He was a limited term employee for three years, ending in 1992. That's it.

You've crossed a line here. You should not be taking part in his endless self-promotions.

Anonymous said...

What has he done for the last 15 years, then, that keeps him in LA? Jus' curious.

Eric said...

Two comments

To 11:01 AM, my anonymous heckler.

I finally figured out who you are. We have not talked in almost 20 years and then only briefly.

Dear David,
Long ago, you were in great personal pain. Apparently it has gotten worse. This may be because you are in the most vulnerable part of the employees at the Lab. I am sorry.

If attacking me anonymously on this blog lessens your pain, even for an hour, do it when you need to.

I will pray for you.

To 10:13 PM

I have been a consultant on scientific and business matters internationally and have stayed in LA in order to raise my daughter, who is now in graduate school in physics. She would not be in graduate school if I did not stay here.

Currently, I am working as part of a couple of start up companies in various areas of computer science and novel instruments. I take pictures as a gift back to the community, especially to those who made it possible for me to raise my daughter here.

I may stay in Los Alamos. I may not.

Does this help?

Anonymous said...


What a deservice to your daughter--she would not be in graduate school if I had not stayed here. She is in graduate school because of her hard-work, dedication and her intellegence--she would be in graduate school not matter where she attended high school. This blog should ban you from posting since you are not a part of LANS and if I am banned because I am no longer a part of LANS either so be it.

Anonymous said...

8/6/07 10:39 AM - STFU, you have no right to ban anyone from using this blog. IF you don't want to read what Eric says, then don't read the blog, plain and simple. He has as much right as you "anonymous" so STFU.