Sep 28, 2007


Tomorrow is the big day.

Yippee, live large. Meet the senior executive team.




Anonymous said...

Free tube steaks! Yum!

Hopefully, enough of you will "make a statement" by not showing up, that they'll have enough for me to go back for seconds...

Anonymous said...

Bon Appetite!

There will quite probably be one or two extra wieners at Sullivan Field, come 4:00pm.

Anonymous said...

There is no statement that can be made that these fools and their DOE counterparts would hear.

Anonymous said...

Just checked with the NWS. Forecast for Los Alamos on LANS Fest day is 60% chance of thunderstorms!

It's going to get rained out.

Bwaaaaah haaa haaa haaa haaaaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Wind and rain will give them an excuse for a poor showing.

Too bad. Really wanted it to be great weather and no one showing up.

Anonymous said...

The party tents are going up as the budget is going down. What's wrong with this picture? How can LANS management be so stupid?

Anonymous said...

I just swung by to see if they would really honor the last minute "Come if you didn't register anyway" statement. I was let in, but did not get a raffle ticket. Only those that registered get a raffle ticket and the prize is Mikey's sweet Audi at 3:30pm.

Dang, I wish I had registered now!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, come on. You know you want to go see what's going on down at the boss' party. Think about it? Bosses always know how to throw the best shin-digs.

Hot, succulent BBQ brisket. Thick aromatic sauces. An ice cold soda to wash it all down your parched throat.

And it's all FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

Your stomach is starting to grown. "Feed me, feed me", it says. You can't resist! You must obey and save your rationalizations for yet another day.

Anonymous said...

Gonna party like it's 1995!

Anonymous said...

Drove by around 1PM, and the parking lots were so full there was almost no place to park! No kidding!

Looks like Mike's party was a big success, but that really shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone who knows the LANL workforce. We have no shame, right?

For next year, LANS has decided to celebrate...


Come help celebrate a new beginning for LANL and use this time to pick up an application form for a job in LANL's upcoming factory.

Bring the little ones to come meet Petey Pit and watch your kids pan for uranium tailings!

It'll be a rip-roaring good time for all!

Anonymous said...

There were no ice cold sodas. Just room temperature ones, and no water at all. And the bastards wouldn't let me have more than ONE hot dog OR ONE Hamburger OR ONE barbecue chicken sandwich!

$300,000 for this gig??? Really?

Oh, and I didn't see our esteemed director, or any other big whig there.

BTW, it was shut down abruptly around 2:00 pm by a heavy downpour.

Anonymous said...

Saw Mikey and Mrs. Mikey in Smiths around 3:15.

Anonymous said...

Wally the Chipmunk wasn't even there.... How disappointing.

Anonymous said...

The koala, er, director was at the picnic.

Anonymous said...

"Saw Mikey and Mrs. Mikey in Smiths around 3:15."

I guess even Mikey couldn't get a bellyful at the picnic.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there were a number in attendance around noon. When I drove by at 3:15 there was not a soul, and they were striking the tents. I spoke with a friend of mine who said he went around noon. He didn't get any food, however, because in the true LANS hallmark of efficiency, the food line was 50 yards long and not moving. He had to leave before his turn at the food dole came around.

LANS will no doubt declare the whole event a major success.

Anonymous said...

To add some firsthand balance:

We arrived around 12:15, got tickets at the entrance to Sullivan Field but to be honest, I didn't recognize the manager who was handing out the tickets.

The food line was incredibly long and the kids went to play and would be retrieved when we approached the food station. To our surprise, the line moved very quickly and the kids soon joined us to fill their plates.

I was impressed that the preparations had included protective plywood over the new track so food, if spilled, wouldn't damage the surface.

We saw Anastasio's take their plates (with the same portions and selections as the rest of us) to their seats. Not to worry, they showed and mingled.

The kids were thrilled to jump in the jumpee things - "for FREE!" -they each reported. And partook of the cotton candy as well.

We departed just before the downpour began so things must've wrapped up shortly after we left.

It was fairly well attended, considering the difficult dynamic of late. And those who went probably could have been given a second portion if they'd wanted but any good caterer knows you'd rather end up with more leftover than not having enough to go around. The food was decent quality and the two serving stations moved quite rapidly although, as reported earlier, the sodas could've been iced and water should always be made available but if you selected a soda from the lower box instead of one on top where the sun had warmed it, you'd have gotten a cool one like I did.