Jul 18, 2008

Fairfield Enterprises

Since you get contacted by lots of people, here is some information.

I still have lots of jobs available, local and non local, to motivated job seekers.

You can pass this message on and have people contact me as appropriate.


Eric Fairfield, Ph.D.

Fairfield Enterprises
P.O. Box 1366
Los Alamos, NM 87544


Anonymous said...

Who are these people and what business are they in?

Do they have a website?

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric -- I can tell you from experience that you and your enterprise will be far more credible if you invest the small amount necessary to get your own web domain name and associated e-mail address.

Using gmail.com puts you in the same domain as all those scam artists out there.

Thanks for your concern, though.

Anonymous said...

I had a very unsatisfying experience with Dr. Fairfield after my serious inquiry about his services. I would not recommend his services.

Anonymous said...

How about posting a link to Mikey's prepared comments at the media roundtable in D.C.? This seems more newsworthy and forward-looking than a lot of stuff being posted.

Anonymous said...

Seems Eric has gone from having bloggers wanting him banned to rating a top level post. And they call me an optimist!

Frank Young said...

7/18/08 9:19 PM,

I'd be happy to post that if I could find it. All I could find on the media roundtable was the piece in the LANL Newsbulletin. Perhaps his prepared remarks were identical to the testimony he submitted to the Strategic Forces Subcommittee the next day?

Send an email or comment to let me know.

Anonymous said...

7/18/08 9:19 PM

Here´s some rudimentary information:

(1) Inside The Pentagon
July 17, 2008 - Vol. 24, No. 29

NNSA Seeks Larger Role In Future National Security Apparatus

As the lead U.S. agency charged with maintenance of the nation´s nuclear weapons stockpile continues to pursue an aggressive overhaul of its Cold War-era infrastructure, the National Nuclear Security Administration is also looking to revamp its role in the overall national security apparatus.

Story length: 1,028 words.



Hot Topics:: Nuclear Security
Displaying 1- 10 of 86 stories.

NNSA Downsizing Plan Hobbled By Lack Of Warhead Strategy--GAO
07.18. 2008, By George Lobsenz

The National Nuclear Security Administration´s effort to develop a consolidation plan for the Energy Department´s nuclear weapons complex has been hobbled by the failure of the Defense Department and NNSA to set clear warhead requirements for the future...


Frank Young said...

7/18/08 11:41 PM,

Thanks for the leads!

Sue Vorenberg's article was just as good (or better) than (1).

I don't have access to (2). If someone emails it to me I'll review it. Perhaps it has a link to Anastasio's remarks at the media roundtable in DC.

Anonymous said...


The roundtable discussion and Sue Vorenberg's article deserve a top-level posting. Many will skip over those topics when they're buried under a advertisement for placement services.

Anonymous said...

What, in any, are the enterprises of Fairfield Enterprises?

Frank Young said...

I've never met Eric nor used his services. In addition to placement, I think he does financial planning. His profile also mentions two projects he has in commercial development.

I posted this simply because he requested it. If others have similar LANL-related post requests I will probably publish them. I know it looks like advertising, but Eric did not have to pay me for this. The blog is a completely unfunded volunteer effort.

Eric said...


I have an associated email address - eric@fairfieldenterprises.biz. I have had this address for years.

Most of my business email currently, however, goes through the gmail address because gmail is better at blocking spam and at not being a spam target. It is also better at allowing me to categorize the incoming mail.

I do not have a web site because there does not seem to be a need. This is not an advertising business but a one on one business with confidentiality on both sides and no advertising. In some sense, these are the jobs that never get to Monster.com until after they are filled.

As to 'motivated', I am working under the assumption that if a person does not have the motivation to contact me directly (by phone or email)to find out more, then they do not have the motivation to compete effectively for a job. This assumption may not be true all the time but usually is.

P.S. I had an unanticipated call yesterday. The caller had 10 jobs available, in sensitive spectroscopy and alternative energy, around the country. I expect to fill these jobs within a month.

P.P.S. Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions.

Eric said...

As to the commenter who claims to be dissatisfied. In any business, there are customers who are dissatisfied. I try to keep the number as small as is practicable.

If that person contacts me, I will try to remove the dissatisfaction.

Eric said...

Managing expectations

While many people at Los Alamos feel that the world would be lucky to employ them,in fact, for each opening, there are 30 to 150 other applicants.

There is only one job.

To get the job, you have to outcompete the other applicants.

In the past, getting a job for a LANL employee was easier than it is today.

Today, employers are picky. A successful candidate has to work harder and be better than they had to be a year ago.

Now there are often 150 candidates for a position and still only one position. Currently, I have chosen to limit my aid to people who are willing to present themselves well enough to make the top 15 candidates for the listed job, preferably top 5 candidates.

I hope that these comments help.

Eric said...

I have thought a bit more about web sites.

If you have a question, you can post it as an anonymous comment on


There is a lot of material here and in its companion blogs that may be of use.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother! Here we go again. When will he stop?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the job of "most irritating, arrogant person in LA" is taken. Quite an accomplishment, but hardly a noble one.

Eric said...

To the commenters just above.

If you think that attempting to help people find better jobs is arrogant, I am glad that I do not know you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes arrogance is just a fundamental personality trait and isn't necessarily related to what someone does for a living.