Jul 14, 2008

Moving on in NM

To the creator of the blog----you might get a laugh from a letter in Dear Abby. The writer signed it Moving on in NM.
-A fan of your blog :)

Blog Fan: Thanks! But are you sure the writer is "Moving on" from LANL? It could be Sandia....

DEAR ABBY: I read an article in our local paper a while ago that said good employees who leave a company usually do so because of their boss.
With that in mind, I would like to bring closure to my recent resignation with the following open letter to my former boss:
"Thanks for asking me to stay on, but I respectfully decline. I will be self-employed from now on. However, if in the future I ever feel the need to be publicly humiliated, blind-sided, ostracized and called a spy, be distrusted and disciplined by superiors for no good reason, fight for wages that are rightfully mine, stabbed in the back by fellow employees, used as a pawn in executive rivalries, or (especially) chewed out when you're having a bad day, I'll get back to you!"

DEAR MOVING ON: I'm printing your letter. I hope that seeing it in print will be cathartic. I wish you good luck in your new career, where someday you may be a boss yourself. And if you are, I'm sure you will create a healthier office environment than the one you left.


Anonymous said...

Sure does sound like LANL under LANS!

Anonymous said...

No, I am not positive this is from LANL but the "spy" word seems to apply. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, perhaps it is LANL:) I really appreciate your blog and thought others would get a laugh out of this. I sure did. I know people are just too busy to read Dear Abby so many would miss this gem. As to Sandia, I thought things there were much better than here in la la land. At least, I sure hope so.
I am honored, Sir, to have you elevate this lowly post to the main page.
A fan:)

Anonymous said...

Clearly not Bechtel material. We are probably all better off without 'em anyway. Sorry, gotta go piss in a bottle before my hour is up!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of some people at LANL who have been called in at least 5 times over the last year to deliver their precious golden fluid for testing. LANS needs to start handing out an award for "Most Piss-Tested" at LANL. I'm sure no one in upper management will have the credentials to win this lovely award.

Frank Young said...

7/15/08 9:02 AM,
I was only joking about the Sandia possibility. My money is on ex-LANL too. Thanks again for sending this and for the kind words about the blog!

Anonymous said...

SNL is just as bad and in some ways worse. They just keep it real quiet since they come down so hard on people who report anything. Your career is done if your report anything at SNL, the execs know it, DOE knows it and they want it that way because SNL makes them look good.