Apr 13, 2007

Email Exchange with a Loyal Blog Reader

What happened to the Bechtel of the 80s? I had a friend who lost his job at Bechtel for allowing a customer to take him to a college football game. Were they crooks back then too? Was I young and dumb? Or have their ethics eroded to this pathetic state in just two decades?

Let me know your preference. I'll post it exactly as you sent it or remove the names.

Here's an e-mail from a friend of mine (not a current or former LANL
employee, but just a plain US citizen); the Bechtel cancer is deeply
embedded in Los Alamos now, and the oncological surgery will have to be
invasive to have any effect. Maybe radiation will be required?


P.S. As to the 'ethics' of Bechtel, or Halliburton, or just about any member of the Carlyle Group of defense contractors, no amount of money is enough to assuage their guilt, so they just keep raking more in.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: 'The Unafaxer'
> Date: April 11, 2007 1:19:36 PM MDT
> To: Brad
> Subject: Bechtel
> 15 minute segment on 'The News Hour w/ Jim Lehrer' Monday news show
> (PBS)
> Bechtel, via FEMA, received a $3.4 billion no bid cost plus contract
> for all the trailers that were constructed and moved into the Katrina
> Hurricane area.
> Many of the trailers are now vacant, unlivable, etc. but Bechtel
> won't let them be unhooked or moved as Bechtel STILL receives a
> monthly maintenance fee.
> . . . even though nothing is being done to maintain what are
> essentially worthless trailers.
> These guys REALLY ARE crooks . . . ! ! ! ! !
[Read the news segment The Unafaxer refers to here.]

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