Apr 19, 2007

More RRW Links

We've recieved a request to post this:

Pinky and the Brain - You might want to direct your readers to the latest RRW propaganda from our good friends at NNSA.

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We also thought blog readers would be interested in this, from John Fleck's blog.

New Mexico Science: A reporter's notebook about science and technology
by John Fleck, Journal Science Writer

Domenici Calls for More RRW Support
Written by John Fleck
Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Pete Domenici sent letters to a trio of top Bush Administration officials yesterday, suggesting they weren't doing enough to push for the new Reliable Replacement Warhead. The top Administration spokesmen on the issue - NNSA chief Tom D'Agostino and Gen. James Cartwright, head of Strategic Command - "have been forceful and articulate advocates", Domenici wrote. But that doesn't seem to be enough Bush Administration Star Power, in Domenici's view, to counter critics of the RRW program:

You must answer critics who have argued that the RRW will lead to an arms race. The RRW program has no relationship to North Korea cheating on the Agreed Upon Framework, and it is abundantly clear that Iran pursued its nuclear goals well before 2005 when the RRW program was developed. In addition, evolution of the U.S. deterrent will reinforce the confidence of our allies in the reliability of our remaining nuclear stockpile – a stockpile on which they depend in their decision to forego their own nuclear weapon capability.

Those are arguments D'Agostino and Cartwright are perfectly capable of making, but Domenici seems to think they might carry more weight coming from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates or Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice - in other words, from the top.

(Full text of letters here.)

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