Jun 13, 2007

100,000 Page View Tuneup

Dear LANL blog readers,
We have decided to move the Blog Archive up to the top left of your screen. New stories have pushed the older ones farther down the screen at a dizzying rate recently. The new placement of the Blog Archive will hopefully make it easier to find the story you are looking for. The Search Blog box at the very top of the screen is also helpful. Give it a try and thanks for visiting!
Pinky and The Brain

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

P&B. Good move. Thanks. Much easier to get to the polygraph thread. Good to see it is still alive and well. Not as active as it was, but folks are still making comments, asking questions, and getting answers that the whole world can see. Perhaps a question on polygraphs can be appropriately fit into to Air Force get-together tomorrow.