Jun 4, 2007

Mike's Package

Hi. I ran cross this on the LLNL SPSE website on key salaries of the LANL Director


You may have already seen it.

We hadn't seen that, thanks!
Pinky and The Brain


Anonymous said...

Dang, it is good to be king! And they are telling us that we now have a budget deficit - no wonder with packages like this. Say, can someone share the packages for the LANL folks (Bishop, Seastrom, Gibbs, Wallace, etc.) who are now in key positions?

Anonymous said...

Looks like with the supplement, base and max incentive bonus Mikey could make $540,400 a year... his old salary at LLNL was $357,500 ... Kuckuck's salary as LANL interim Director was $356,000.
• During his five-year appointment as LANS President/LANL Director, will receive an annual non-base building supplement in the amount of $100,000 in addition to his base salary of $367,000 ($350,000 paid by LANS and $17,700 by the University).
• Automobile allowance of $743 per month.
• Following his service at LANS and when he retires, the purchase of an annuity (or buyback of UCRP service credit if appropriate) in the amount necessary to compensate for the loss in pension benefits attributable to his actual period of service at LANS rather than remaining under the UC Retirement Plan, to be calculated by appropriately offsetting the amount of employer contributions that he will have received in the LANS market-based benefit package.
• If he is terminated without cause prior to the end of his five-year term, or resigns from his position after two years but before five years, and accepts an appointment proposed by the University, his then-existing base salary as Laboratory Director, not including the $100,000 University-paid salary supplement referred to above, will be guaranteed for the balance of the 5-year period.
• Participate in the newly-proposed LANS performance incentive bonus program, which may provide up to 20% of base pay.
• The source of funding for these items is UC’s portion of the DOE management fee.

However, if he were President and CEO of any other 10,000 employee, $2.5 Billion a year company, he'd be making a whole lot more than $540K... looking at executive pay articles in Business Week, I'd say 10 to 100 times more.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use corporate America as a standard of good behavior when it comes the compensation packages for executives. After every big market crash people begin squealing over the issue. Then we all go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Want to see why king Mikey is paid so well? Look at this:


Livermore lab has adequate whistle-blower protections, according to chief spokeswoman Susan Houghton. "Absolutely," she said. "If anyone feels they're not, we'd sure like to hear about it,""Settling a case should not be a sign that we've done something wrong," Houghton said. "We could settle a case just to avoid higher court costs in having to defend ourselves."

Susan Houghton once said lab director Michael Anastasio would ask workers to come forward with any remaining problems. "Our lab is under a great deal of scrutiny right now. I think we realize that we have to get things right," she said. "We certainly don't want to shoot the messenger."

APAs hope the director meant what he said referring to the “remaining problems” that these do not stop short at just the mismanagement in security breaches but also reaches the concerns of discrimination against APAs.

Fear of retaliation has been engrained in employee’s mind since early 90’s. LLNL Employee Communications Audits conducted by Myron Emanuel/Communication found Laboratory employees are apprehensive about the consequences if they complain, criticize, or blow the whistle. However, with the examples of retaliation against Kotla, and others, would further discourage many from coming forward to report management’s manipulative and unscrupulous behaviors. APAs who filed lawsuits and saw their careers stalled, destroyed and most of them were forced to retire; some of the remaining workers are under continued harassment and retaliation.

In January 2005, two of them filed additional retaliation complaints and received the Right-To-Sue (RTS) from DFEH while RTS from EEOC for these accusations are being issued through Department of Justice (DOJ).
Yet whistle-blowers say the university grievance system is fraught with conflicts of interest managers tend to back up managers at the lab, and the university almost never reverses lab findings on grievances. So whistle-blowers increasingly have turned to the courts. And there, they report finding a consistent defense strategy: String out the litigation to drain the whistle-blower's resources and fold only in the face of certain defeat.

"They don't settle until they've gotten their pound of flesh out of the whistle-blower," said Tom Carpenter, who has represented nuclear whistleblowers for 20 years as a Seattle-based lawyer with the Government Accountability Project. "Their whole strategy is to. delay any trial date and cause the plaintiff to spend as much money as possible. Usually settlement will come when it looks certain it's going to trial and they're going to lose."

Anonymous said...

Check the "Mercer Report" by the GAO that just recently went out. LANS managers make 130% over the rest in the nation.

Anonymous said...

So our beloved director is a pro when it comes to playing dumbs as employees get lanced? How ironic. He now heads an organization that sounds like the word lance. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6/4/07 7:14 AM compares Mikey's salary to that of a CEO of $2.5B corporationt that has 10,000 employees. Not even close. At LANL, there is no bottom line. There is no accountability. Mikey has absolutely no responsibility for bringing in money. And, he is in no way responsible for delivering product to cost, schedule, or performance objectives. Nor do is PADAs, ADAs, or DLs.

However, Mikey does have a track record of success. Under his leadership at LLNL, NIF went from $400M to $4B.

Anonymous said...

Mike is well overpaid for what he does. Those CEOs that get paid the $M actaully make a product that brings in $B of dollars to the company and its stock holders. This guy make nothing. It's just as posted 5:05PM said. If you wnat to save the tax payer some money cut these guys salaries by 75%

Anonymous said...

OK, I really shuddered when I saw the heading of this post "Mike's Package". Brought all kinds of bad images to mind ... is this something that we can expect discussion on at the next All Hands Meeting?

Pinky and The Brain said...

That was the subject line from the email I received.

Anonymous said...

"... is this something that we can expect discussion on at the next All Hands Meeting?"

Sure...but phone it in before the question about "child day-care".

Anonymous said...

The same information can be found on the web, posted by UC (as they are required to do) for Mara, McMillan, and Knapp, all of whom "negotiated" a substantial "package" from LANS, including, importantly, continuing accumulation of UC service credit while at LANS, should they choose to return to UC after the required two-year stint for "key personnel."

Pretty sweet - no risk at all for our top 4 managers of the Lab and the weapons program.

Anonymous said...

"However, Mikey does have a track record of success. Under his leadership at LLNL, NIF went from $400M to $4B.

6/4/07 5:05 PM"

I believe that started under Bruce Tarter.

Anonymous said...

Why SPSE will never work in any lab and especially on the west coast. An blog entry that never got posted in response to someone talking about why SPSE has no power.

"No, I think it's more like the unions on the east coast used a brass knuckle attitude adjustment on those who took advantage of their workers and in some just disappeared, were as on the west cost we're to civilized to take appropriate action such as this because we are compassionate understanding and would prefer to meet at Starbuck's and talk it out over a mocha; whereby in the end ULM is promise passage to a better retirement if they'd just get that workforce down to manageable numbers that'll allow for bonus checks and perks."

This pansy ass mentality with touchy feely concerns for the minority to me is not only a problem with SPSE, it's a problem with our country. hell the women is Israel have more balls them most men in management positions.