Jun 3, 2007

Hi, the new LLNL management team was announced by LLNS President George Miller today (May 30)... I added in where they came from...

[Biographical information available at http://www.llnsllc.com/news/05302007.asp]




LIVERMORE, Calif., May 30, 2007 - With a focus on scientific and engineering excellence, best business practices, safety and security, Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS) President George Miller announced today his key personnel within the LLNS organizational structure.

The announcement was made during the first of a series of town hall meetings with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employees. LLNS will take over management of the Laboratory beginning Oct. 1.

LLNS is a limited liability corporation (LLC) made of five partners - the University of California, Bechtel, BWX Technologies, Washington Group and Battelle. Texas A&M University provides an academic alliance.

-The LLNS management team, working closely with Lawrence Livermore employees, will build on the Laboratory-s proud tradition of outstanding science and technology, while fully integrating world-class business systems and safety and security practices,- Miller said.

Miller emphasized the LLNS management team will take an integrated approach, -capitalizing on the strengths of the LLNS partners as well as the efforts of each Laboratory employee.-

-I recognize the value that all the employees bring to this Laboratory, and I want to ensure you under my team-s leadership LLNS will continue to value and nurture this tremendous talent and focus it on helping to solve important issues facing our nation,- Miller emphasized.

The new organizational structure includes Miller as Laboratory direction and Steve Liedle as deputy director. The LLNS management team is organized five areas headed by principal associate directors: Science & Technology, Operations & Business and three mission areas - Global Security, National Ignition Facility (NIF) and Photon Science and Weapons and Complex Integration.

A principal associate director for each of the five areas are:

* Cherry Murray (UC/LLNL) - Science & Technology
* Frank Russo (Bechtel) - Operations & Business
* John Doesburg (Battelle) - Global Security
* Ed Moses (UC/LLNL) - NIF and Photon Science
* Bruce Goodwin (UC/LLNL) - Weapons and Complex Integration

Thirteen additional key personnel have been named:

* Melissa Allain (UC/LLNL) - Laboratory Counsel
* Harold Conner Jr. (WGI) - Facilities and Infrastructure associate director
* Dona Crawford (UC/LLNL) - Computation and Simulation associate director
* Tomas Diaz de la Rubia (UC/LLNL) - Chemistry, Materials & Life Sciences associate director
* William Goldstein (UC/LLNL) - Physical Sciences associate director
* Pamela Horning (BWXT) - Nuclear Operations associate director
* Tamara Jernigan (UC/LLNL) - Strategic Human Capital Management associate director
* Kirkland Jones (DynMcDermott/SPRO) - Contractor Assurance Officer
* David Leary (UC/LLNL) - Business associate director
* Allen Macenski (Bechtel) - Environment, Safety, Health and Quality director
* Russell Miller (UC/LLNL) - Safeguards and Security director
* Steven Patterson (UC/LLNL) - Engineering associate director
* Linda Rakow (UC/LLNL) - Chief Financial Officer

The leadership team will be meeting with Laboratory employees over the next several months to discuss in greater detail employee input; Laboratory vision, the organization structure and mapping of responsibilities.


Anonymous said...

What? They didn't bring any of the LANL talent to LLNL to help manage the place?

Anonymous said...

I think 10:05 a.m. has made a very enlightened comment....