Feb 5, 2008

Los Alamos: The Winds of Mutiny

A reader sent this in, noting the Deja Vu nature of the 1982 Bill Broad article.



Anonymous said...

The last paragraph turns out to have been particularly true. At least is was true in 1982. Not so sure it's true any more; the good old says of 1982 are gone forever.

Even in hard times, the merits of the
place far outweigh the problems, at least according to one experienced observer, a bureaucrat at the Department of Energy who left the lab during the first tumultuous year of the Kerr era. After working at Los Alamos for more than a decade, this individual moved on to oversee programs both here and at a host of other national labs. From his vantage point far beyond the throb of daily life at atomic city, he talks of Kerr, of Los Alamos and of his experience with programs at other labs. He sips his drink and says with a smile: "They just don't know how good they've got it."

Anonymous said...

Love the old cartoon. Some things at LANL never go out of style, like the nepotism that permeates the place.

Anonymous said...

A post under another story:

CLES AD- line manager for RC-1 and hot cell facility.

CLES AD's hubby is the National Medical Isotope Program Manager. Most work done in RC-1 hot cells facility.

Chem DL is the former Rad Isotope Program Manager

CLES's former postdoc and longtime running buddy (traithalon training partner?) is new Medical Isotope Program Manager under CLES' hubby.

This program wreaks cronyism and neptosim and this old Science article describes this corruption beautifully. History does repeat itself, Mike & Terry are just too stupid to see it under them.

Anonymous said...

Rich Marquez and his extended family (half who are now employed at LANL) are so offended by this cartoon. So is Rep Jan Wallace, Rep Ben Lujan, Rep Nick Salazar; and of course all their kin (most of whom are also now employed at the Lab). Nepotism? Nawwww! That's just sour grapes speaking. Best and brightest, best qualified, most gifted? Why of course! Yea...that's the ticket! So don't blame their gene pool for being better than yours. Darwin's theory about survival of the fittest...remember that one? Now go back to sleep sheeple. Can't sleep? Forget about counting sheep or sheeple. Instead, why not count the number of days left until you can retire. Picture a tunnel you're walking through that just keeps getting longer and longer. Sleeeeeeep...

Anonymous said...

Well, as the ole saying goes--"it's not what you know but who you blow."

Anonymous said...

Guess that explains the meteoric rise of ADCLES.