Feb 4, 2008


New policy statement from the DO (click to enlarge)



Anonymous said...

What?? Humor and irony expressed by the Director's Office?? Where do I sign up to work for "Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory"?? Who's this Froman guy? Must work for Bradbury!!

Seriously, Bradbury, Froman, Dick Baker, Fowler, RC Smith, Ramer Schreiber, Carson Mark, are all heroes and icons of LASL (not LANL), and the US weapons program. A couple of them I even worked for or with over the years, and a couple of others I had the pleasure to at least meet. They were, to a man, real gentlemen. What a long, horrible way, in a downward direction, LANL has come!

The sad part is that I'd bet that very few, if any, of their successors even know who they were. As a recent retiree who started at LASL in 1977 as a post-doc, I'm glad to have been associated with that organization, and glad to be rid of the current one.

Anonymous said...

LANL has fallen a great distance over the last few years. The saddest part of this is that most of the newer staff members have no idea what it was once like in better days before Nanos or LANS took over and began destroying the place.

We use to have people with some measure of integrity running the lab. Now we have nothing but pathetic corporate yes-men doing whatever it takes to obtain their 20% executive bonus and corporate paid for luxury sport cars.

Long live LASL.