Feb 19, 2008

Art & Wine Dinner 2008

I hope you and your readers will consider supporting the Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center by attending this lovely event!

Please forward to others who may be interested in attending.

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Anonymous said...

Here´s some topic to discuss:

1) Pentagon Briefing

Gen. James Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, provides further information related to the successful operation intercepting a non-functioning satellite, Feb. 20, 2008.

(www.dodvclips.mil; 27:54 min.)

2) Generals warn of ´geriatric Air Force,´could the same ["geriatric"] be said of the current Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, LANL, and the NWC in large?


3) Next-Gen Bomber To Carry Nukes

The U.S. Air Force´s next-generation bomber will be used to launch nuclear payloads - a requirement that will affect the design and cost of the program says the service´s top civilian leader.



4) A thorough analyse of:

Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World, Renewing Transatlantic Partnership, by General (ret.) Dr. Klaus Naumann, General (ret.) John Shalikashvili, Field Marshal The Lord Inge, Admiral (ret.) Jacques Lanxade, General (ret.) Henk van den Breemen, 2007, Executive summary, page 5:

In every country, and at all times, we like to rely on certainty. But in a world of asymmetric threats and global challenges, our governments and peoples are uncertain about what the threats are and how they should face the complicated world before them.

After explaining the complexity of the threats, the authors assess current capabilities and analyse the deficiencies in existing institutions, concluding that no nation and no institution is capable of dealing with current and future problems on its own. The only way to deal with these threats and challenges is through an integrated and allied strategic approach, which includes both non-military and military capabilities.



5) Directed Energy Weapons/EMP Weapons, the so-called; E-bomb(s).

6) Synthetic Fuel Concept to Steal CO2 From Air

Los Alamos, N.M., February 12, 2008 -- Green Freedom™ for carbon-neutral, sulfur-free fuel and chemical production.

Los Alamos National Laboratory has developed a low-risk, transformational concept, called Green Freedom™, for large-scale production of carbon-neutral, sulfur-free fuels and organic chemicals from air and water.

Currently, the principal market for the Green Freedom production concept is fuel for vehicles and aircraft.

At the heart of the technology is a new process for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and making it available for fuel production using a new form of electrochemical separation. By integrating this electrochemical process with existing technology, researchers have developed a new, practical approach to producing fuels and organic chemicals that permits continued use of existing industrial and transportation infrastructure. Fuel production is driven by carbon-neutral power.

"Our concept enhances U.S. energy and material security by reducing dependence on imported oil. Initial system and economic analyses indicate that the prices of Green Freedom commodities would be either comparable to the current market or competitive with those of other carbon-neutral, alternative technologies currently being considered," said F. Jeffrey Martin of the Laboratory´s Decisions Applications Division, principal investigator on the project.

Martin will be presenting a talk on the subject at the Alternative Energy NOW conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, February 20, 2008.

In addition to the new electrochemical separation process, the Green Freedom system can use existing cooling towers, such as those of nuclear power plants, with carbon-capture equipment that eliminates the need for additional structures to process large volumes of air. The primary environmental impact of the production facility is limited to the footprint of the plant. It uses non-hazardous materials for its feed and operation and has a small waste stream volume. In addition, unlike large-scale biofuel concepts, the Green Freedom system does not add pressure to agricultural capacity or use large tracts of land or farming resources for production.

The concept´s viability has been reviewed and verified by both industrial and semi-independent Los Alamos National Laboratory technical reviews. The next phase will demonstrate the new electrochemical process to prove the ability of the system to both capture carbon dioxide and pull it back out of solution. An industrial partnership consortium will be formed to commercialize the Green Freedom concept.


In summary: Ipsa scientia potestas est.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm drunk too. Have anything relevant to write?


Anonymous said...

2/22/08 9:33 PM

Nihilism at work.