Aug 19, 2009

Dylan - Listen and Chill

All the signs indicate some "chill" is in order.


Anonymous said...

Take a few deep breaths.

All semblance of science: gone.

All traces of bottled water: gone.

All resemblance to a respected national laboratory: gone.

Chill. It is only going to get worse, so ... just ... chill.

Frank Young said...

Got any ID Mr. Dylan?

Thief said...

-You LANL losers can eat it.

We Livermorons have numerous opportunities to keep our skills sharp by taking advantage of LLNL provided training.

On this afternoons agenda...Ladder and Stair Training - HS 5250.

Its why we lead in SCIENCE!

Anonymous said...


LLNL wins this round!

Ladder training: Why didn't Mikey think of this?

LLNL is winning the escalation race!

Anonymous said...

Stair training is better than the new work authorization class we all took.

No one understood it.

Too complex to implement.

Lyingly presented as a minor change, (kinda like before and after Hiroshima)

and now we get audited on our compliance.

I'll bet no one is ready, cause it's a giant change with no funds to implement it.

"...just screw the Programs again", Russo was heard to say in the hall," As long as I make my bonus, who cares about Science... We got along at Bechtel for 300years on lies. Why change to Science now?"

Anonymous said...

"Ladder training: Why didn't Mikey think of this?"

Don't worry. It's coming to LANL, too, for all employees.

Anonymous said...

8/19/09 9:59 PM ... "Don't worry. It's coming to LANL, too, for all employees."

And I will be sure to trip and fall on my face using the uneven Otowi bldg stairs, which have been fucked up for years but do not get fixed, just warning signs get posted. Yeah, Mikey, make me take another stupid class on Stair Training and if I fall, you will be sued. bu-bye bonus asshole.

Anonymous said...

Wel, there are certain hazards with mixing chemicals while cleaning the why is there no training on this? How many people have been affected? What are the qualifications for a custodian? They need at least a hord core course in chemistry?

Anonymous said...

LANL already has ladder training; you not only learn how to setup and safely climb a ladder, you learn how to inspect and tag a defective ladder. Then you'll learn that everyone removes the warning tags because funding to buy new ladders isn't available - that funding went to buy Riley Bechtel a new boat.

Anonymous said...

Just don't do what Todd Kauppilla did. He was formally reprimanded for, "taking too much training" after he took ladder training. They'll find a way to screw you if they want to. Get a lawyer early.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on, assholes! My legal war chest is much bigger than yours. Do you really want to go up against someone like Riley Bechtel? We'll squash you like bugs.


Anonymous said...

Um, Mikey -- Riley also owns LLNL, remember? He bought the LLNL contract right after NNSA helped him buy LANL.

Maybe you should go take a little spin in that snazzy little sports car of yours to clear your head.

Anonymous said...

9:09 pm. LANL *already* offers ladder training. It's a 2 hour class offered through WR training center. At the end is a practical exam where you get to open and close a ladder properly.

Anonymous said...

What about relocation training? Is there anything for space people acting as tour-guides running tours to buildings where the current occupants are unaware their supposedly moving.

Maybe provide training for the space people who don't know how to schedule moves and waste every bodies time and lots of government funds, moving people who don’t need to move but have to cuz management decides they want your building and don’t care where you go if you have somewhere to go, then extend it and make excuses over and over again for their lack of efficiency.

Oops I forgot this is the lab and wasting time and taxpayers funds is not a problem here unless you’re budget runs out and you’re the one being riffed.

Anonymous said...

I have a good one, training MSS to to hide from work properly so their work orders run on for a really long time. That may fall under job security training.

Anonymous said...

Hey, LANS, listen up. DOJ just announced they are dropping their targeting of marijuana distributors unless they violate *both* federal and state laws.

Perhaps it's time for LANS to reconsider their outright ban of legal marijuana pain prescriptions for LANL workers suffering with terminal cancer and other serious diseases:

Attorney General Holder Signals Shift in U.S. Marijuana Policy
Breitbart TV News, 08-21-09

The top U.S. Lawyer, Eric Holder, has signaled a change on medical marijuana policy, saying federal agents will target marijuana distributors only when they violate both federal and state law.

Anonymous said...

Get real. LANS will "target" whomever they want, whenever they want for whatever reasons they can invent. So long as DOE, UC and the LANS board of Governors are making a profit, employees will continue to be abused, and things scientific, financial, facilities and other will continue to slide downhill.

Anonymous said...

8/22 6:43 am: "So long as DOE, UC and the LANS board of Governors are making a profit,..."

Explain how DOE is making a profit?

Anonymous said...

Explain how DOE is making a profit?

8/24/09 12:24 PM

NNSA and DOE bureaucrats are retiring to very lucrative jobs with the very same contractors that they managed while in government. That's how. The revolving door is spinning fast.

Anonymous said...

Good answer, 9:35. It's nice to see that somebody is paying attention.