Nov 16, 2009

Comment of the Weak Minded

With apologies to Doug for stealing some of his thunder, here is my version of COW. It comes from last Monday's Quote of the Day post.
Anonymous said...

Nice to see some informed discussion here on this topic, thanks to prior posters.

On a related note, has anyone else see the quarterly "newsletters" that Roger Logan sends out (and from which the opening quote in this article was taken). Logan's notes are very-nearly incoherent. His rants make even the loopy posts here seem downright profound.
11/11/09 8:25 PM
Roger sent me the newsletter from which the quote was taken. I didn't have any trouble comprehending it. I think he is not only correct but also quite funny. So how about it 8:25 PM, can you explain to our readers where Roger is wrong? If you can I will thank you.

Anyone who hasn't seen this newsletter can view it here.


Anonymous said...

Roger Logan is an active member and promoter for Tri-Valley CAREs. That little detail is usually omitted from his bylines.

Anonymous said...

“With 5 caveats, I am not at all fundamentally opposed to new, untested nuclear warheads.”

Cool! We’ll just take a primary from one weapon and a secondary from another, bolt um together & presto – we got us a new untested warhead. You gotta love that Best Combo logic. Sure it’ll work ok – no need for any of that bad o testing stuff. Getter done boys!

That 4th Caveat is a beaut – “We do not disturb progress in the world toward nuclear non-proliferation…” Just exactly what progress would that be – Iran, N. Korea or Mexico & Bangladesh?

Anonymous said...

I can’t say I totally agree with Dr. Logan’s opinions but I do think he has laid out a good argument. The Charts (Original & Modified) help clarify the options for RRW/RRR, or whatever term you prefer.

The Reliability/ Confidence issues are imo, for the Labs to decide. As for my interest, improved Safety & Security are the issues most important from my perspective.

It's an important & interesting debate but, I believe the RRW/ (New WH Design) is going nowhere (no political support/funding) in the current Administration/Congress. As for modernization of the NWC, my guess is it will be kicked further down the road before a decision.

Anonymous said...

An Haiku

LANL performs decades long seppuku bleeds scientists to the world slowly.

Anonymous said...

If the world’s powers involved in NP cannot prevent North Korea, “a country with next to no impact on international trade and no resources needed by anyone”, how can they expect to deter Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Taiwan, Egypt, etc., etc., etc?

By all reasonable expectations, non-proliferation is an abject failure.

Whether we build & test new weapons will not prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.