Nov 9, 2009

Comment of the Week, Monday Edition

From one, or the other of our current top posts:

LANS has the plan for making LANL grand!

Mike is "The Man" who carries out the plan!

Staff are his fans who give "The Man" a hand!

Strike up the band as LANL says... "I CAN!"

We're #1, the best lab in the land!


Anonymous said...

I like it. Sounds like an uplifting poem to make as LANL's new motto. The "can-do" attitude fostered by LANS is catching on!

Anonymous said...

I nominate this catching sounding ditty as the LANS corporate song at the upcoming LANL managers retreat. Anyone have some good music that might go along with it?

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that optimism is finally returning to the lab. Great work, fellow lab employees!

Onward... ever onward and upward! Never retreat! Never give up! That's the new spirit of LANL.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, has LANS hired a PR firm to start posting to LTRS?

Or are these new posts sarcastic. They are so over the top that it is hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

POGO - Nov 09, 2009:

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Nuclear"

...Last week, John Fleck reported in the Albuquerque Journal that Sandia National Laboratories Director Tom Hunter makes a whopping $1.7 million per year, and that Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Director Michael Anastasio makes $800,348 per year. As Dan Hancock of the Southwest Research and Information Center pointed out, this means that Hunter makes four times as much as the President of the United States, and that Anastasio makes twice as much.

...UPDATE: NNSA contacted POGO to say that it reimbursed the lab directors at far less than the $684,181 cap, and provided these figures for the amounts that the Department of Energy contributes to certain lab directors salaries (with the rest coming from the private companies that share in the management of the labs): LANL's Michael Anastasio, $397,341; Lawrence Livermore National Lab's George Miller, $348,400; and Sandia's Tom Hunter, $366,119.


The LANS partners takes around a 2.5% cut of all outside WFO funding that comes into the lab. Since: (a) this is part of the "profit-fee" of the LLC, and (b) this "profit-fee" helps pay for Mike's salary (see "UPDATE" above), then...

...if you work at bringing in WFO funding to LANL, you are putting money directly into Mike's wallet!

Amazing, no? It would seem that this mixing of cash from WFOs over to the LLC "for-profit" pot and then directly into Mike's private bank account would generate lots of serious legal concerns about LANL's GOCO advantage when going after work from outside agencies.

Have any government lawyers looked closely into this matter? Do the outside government agencies fully realize that a small portion of their funds are being, in some manner, distributed directly to executives in the NNSA labs for their own private gain?

Anonymous said...

very dr. seuss.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.

* Are they in fact asserting that NNSA pays approximately $70 million per year to LANS PLUS reimburses Anastasio for $397,341? Good Lord!

* Or, are they saying that NNSA is paying Anastasio "only" $397,341, from ALL sources, while the rest is contributed by Bechtel, who's running this place at a loss? Yeah, right!

Is any part of Anastasio's widely outsized paycheck not ultimately provided by the US taxpayer (under whatever guises)?

I think the response of NNSA to this particular PR fiasco has been a fiasco in itself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a fiasco. It would have been a lot better if the "for-profit" NNSA LLCs had not tried to be so secretive about upper management salaries in the first place. They fact that they've tried so hard to hide these executive salaries from their employees and the public is what has caused this fiasco.

Honesty *IS* the best policy, but I doubt you'll ever get the executives running LANS and LLNS to ever follow this dictum. There is zero trust by the employees in the new "for-profit" LLCs.