Jan 20, 2008

Comment of the Week, Sunday Gussie Edition

This week's comment of the week is aimed at the recent Los Alamos Monitor article, Our view: An Undisclosed Evaluation. What makes this Monitor story noteworthy is that for the very first time in memory the Monitor acts as if it has grown a respectable pair of Huevos.

Every other article that Ralph Damiani, Publisher/Editor has allowed into print in his company town rag has been a textbook example of how to kowtow to LANL management. The spin on his LANL stories have always been nearly as one-sided as the puff pieces that come out of the lab's own Public Affairs Office. Bad news is soft-peddled or ignored completely. Management malfeasance is glossed over.

But not this piece. While the article attempts to place the burden of blame for LANL's current problems on NNSA (and who can find fault with that logic?), passing mention of LANL management's share of the blame is given.

Regardless, this article spoke mostly truth about one of our "most visible and iconic national jewels".

Ok, so a bit of kowtowing remains, but still; it's as if Ralph got himself a big ol' testosterone injection some time in the past month.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Ralph, keep digging for the facts and don't give up. If you do enough good investigative journalism on this story you might even find you'll end up winning a Pulitzer Prize.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Mr. Damiani won't be getting any special invite to Riley Bechtel's famous Bohemian Grove party this year. Too bad, as Riley has plans for some beautiful strippers in white togas and some dynamite weed to be on hand. Extra cash from this year's LANS profit fees means Riley has plenty of moola to party hardy.

Remember, though, whatever happens at Riley's Bohemian Grove party *stays* at Riley's Bohemian Grove party.

Tow-GAH, tow-GAH, tow-GAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ralph is trying to figure out how to keep his job once the Monitor is sold. I and many others have sent Landmark (the company which owns the Monitor) numerous complaints about and examples of poor coverage of many local topics by the Monitor when Ralph was silent on issues such as the high cost of doing business at LANL, the lies about the RIF, the financial impact to our small businesses, etc.

Not only is the Monitor silent, but our County Council is very kind to Anastasio when he boringly briefs them.

Both the Monitor and the Council forget that they are voices of the community, not LANL.

Anonymous said...

The opinion piece was approved by the Monitor Editorial Board. Ralph was out sick that day.

Anonymous said...

Out sick or looking for a job?