Oct 8, 2007

Comment of the Week (early, this time)

I noticed this pair of comments on the Workforce Restructuring-Comments or Concerns post. The "polishing a turd" part of the second comment sort of mirrored my own thoughts.



Anonymous said...

A comment to pass along to DOE:

In the draft WRP, Section III.C.1 (Skills Inventory), it states "Employees should be encouraged to ensure that the information available accurately reflects all their education, retraining, certifications, etc."

Since very few employees know that such an inventory of skills even exists, let alone how to access or edit the information it contains, the section needs to be reworded: "Employees SHALL be allowed to review their listing within the inventory and should ensure that the information available accurately relects all their education, retraining, certifications, etc."

Anonymous said...

Re: 9:29's comment -- It's kind of sad watching you guys try to polish this turd. The RIF is a done deal, it's going to happen. DOE, NNSA, and LANS want to get rid of staff. The budget situation makes it possible for them to do this now. You'd be better off polishing up your resumes and interviewing skills, because a sizable number of you are going to be out the door soon.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, who can we RIF? Certainly not any of the woman at LANL. As the article below states, LANL recently settled a class action discrimination suite and now the female workers at LANL will all be rewarded with Holiday bonus checks. I would guess the average payment will be around $2000 per female worker. Not bad, huh? It beats the minuscule raises handed out to most of the staff this year.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Lab Settlement Moves Forward - ABQ Journal

By Raam Wong
Journal Staff Writer

The check could soon be in the mail for thousands of Los Alamos National Laboratory employees who say they were discriminated against by the lab's former manager.

A Los Alamos employee who had objected to the final, $12 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against the University of California has withdrawn her appeal. The move clears the way for claimants to receive payouts as soon as the end of the year, according to attorneys in the case.

Meanwhile, one of the former lab workers who initiated the lawsuit in 2003 has filed a similar complaint after opting out of the class-action settlement.

Veronique Longmire's lawsuit, filed in August, names not only the University as a defendant but also the lab's new manager, Los Alamos National Security.

Longmire said recently that she opted out of the class-action settlement because it did not adjust salaries for female employees to fix what she believes are built-in inequities.

Anonymous said...

If I can get a male-to-female sex change OK'd by UHC in the next 2 months, maybe I can save my job!