Oct 7, 2007

Comment of the Week

From the The Workforce Restructuring Plan has been released... post:

This document is NOT a "plan." It's just a collection of ass-covering statements.

I was wondering when somebody else was going to notice that.



Anonymous said...

"a collection of ass-covering statements."

Think of it like toilet paper - a dirty job, but somethings got to do it.

Anonymous said...

The nuclear labs are legacies of a bygone era. They are dinosaurs roaming a landscape that can no longer support them. They are in the early stages of dying off and yes, they do deserve to go extinct. Unfortunately those who consider themselves the most deserving of lifetime employment regardless of merit, will NOT be the first ones to die off as part of the "downsizing" process. They are the ones who are oblivious to their own worthlessness. These are the ones who label others as "support" or "deadwood" or worst. They are the self proclaimed "best and brightest" who whine when opposing views dare to challenge their own. They're the ones who clamor for blog censorship when the truth hits too close to home. They're the ones who'll remain at these Labs after all the dusts settles. They are the incurable cancer that continues to thrive after the host has lost nearly ever appendage and organ in its deadly struggle to survive. And yet they will continue to feed off their host until they kill it, not unlike parasites in the natural world. It is intolerance and arrogance that feeds this incurable disease that WILL kill these labs. This is the destiny of all organisms incapable of changing, of adapting, of responding to environmentale qeues that demand new behaviors and new survival strategies. Pete Nanos, in reality, wasn't all that far off the mark. Of course YOU will never admit it.

Anonymous said...

Mostly correct, 9:03. However, a slightly different interpretation on Nanos: any management infrastructure that would allow somebody like Nanos to cause that much unsupervised havoc deserves to become extinct.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your correction 9;10AM. You're absolutley correct.

Anonymous said...


Thinking is not your strong point.
First you say the labs are dinosaurs that "deserve to go extinct". But than you say that
"it is intolerance and arrogance that feeds this incurable disease that WILL kill these labs" Like Whatever?

You just sound really bitter and sad. Well in any case the good people or best and brightest as you say can always get a reasonable job elsewhere so in some sense what is the big deal?

I get the feeling that your rants really are about yourself. Just a guess. By the way what was Nanos right about? Nanos would contradict himself all the time so that sort invalidates him being right on anything.

Anonymous said...

"Nanos would contradict himself all the time so that sort invalidates him being right on anything."

Technically, that would preclude him from being right on more than one thing. Since you don't know which thing he was right about, he technically could have been right about any one thing, or anything.

Just saying..."like whatever."

Anonymous said...


Ok ... whatever ... you like have a point.

We can all agree 9:03 is like totally doing the whole Freud projection thingy. To the
9:03 dude, like seriously, just deal with it already.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who worked around Pete Nanos for any length of time quickly grew to realize that the man was a psychopath. These bad attributes didn't always show up when he was working a large crowd but were clearly obvious when he worked with people on a 1-to-1 basis or in smaller meetings.

That UCOP put this broken man in charge of LANL was one of the greatest mistakes UCOP has ever made. That UCOP didn't seem to care about making this huge mistake was also very telling.

You can be a great leader without becoming a bully. Nanos never learned this during his career. He was not a leader of men. He was a simple bully.