Oct 13, 2007

The New LLNL Blog

Hey Pinky and The Brain,
How about putting a post on your page directing people to the "LLNL: New Rest-of-the-Story" blog? I just added a post regarding Open Enrollment.

Without your help, I don't know how people will find out about the new blog. I'd sure appreciate some assistance.
Bad Dog

No problem Bad Dog. Now go forth and chew some butt. Good, err... Bad Dog!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pinky! I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Yes Pinky,

You went above and beyond on this one!! I sure enjoy gaining insight on LANL as I can see our future being played out thought LANL... terrible shame and waste of human beings!!!
PS I'm one of the 49% whom gained so much knowledge through you folks!! We weren't all blind thanks to you folks!
Just call me "Bruzer"

Anonymous said...

Pinky/Brain: Please Post

I've changed my mind about running the LLNL: New Rest-of-the-Story blog, which was my first attempt to establish a blog of any kind. While I think that the blogs like the one I set up serve a useful purpose and can continue to do so, I don't really have the energy or time to keep running it. After only a couple of days, I've already found it to be dominating my life. And I have other responsibilities and things to do. Like family. Like my job. Like preparing for the rest of my career and eventual retirement. I wasn't pressured by anyone to quit, it's my own, independently derived decision.

While I still think that open discussion is best and that LLNL employees need an information-exchange forum, I'm just not the person to run this whole thing. I hope that someone else picks up the blog-master duties and runs with it. It's not very hard to set up. But be careful, you might find yourself spending all of your time on it. If you've got the time and interest, I say go for it. But it's just not for me. Sorry.

I am happy to have at least shed some light on the LLNL Open Enrollment issue. I hope that some people found that useful.

Thanks to Vlad and Pinky/Brain (LANL Blog) for the support. I admire what you guys have done, especially since I've gotten a taste for it.

Change is hard, and we've all got to deal with it. Like the Director (George Miller) said, "It is what it is." The road is, and will continue to be somewhat rocky for awhile. But we'll all get to smoother road eventually, one way or another. Look out for yourself, and remember, your job at LLNL, or anywhere else for that matter, shouldn't be the most important thing in the world to you. I wish good luck to all, including the new management at LLNL.

All that being said, I'm going to take the LLNL: New Rest-of-the-Story blog down in a day or so.

Respectfully and Regretfully,
Bad Dog

Eric said...

Bad dog comment

I am willing to try to provide a forum for LLNL workers. If the workload gets too big, I will ask for help.


Anonymous said...



You clearly don't realize how pathetic you sound as you continuously try to draw attention to yourself. Whether trying to drum up business for your 'placement service' or for your blog, you never get much of a response, not counting the negative feedback, that is.

Why do you suppose that is?

Ok, you want people to look at your blog?

All right, everybody! Go look at Eric's blog:


There, Eric. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

Wow, he's up to 12 visits/day. That is a full 20% increase over the last time I checked. He should put ads on that blog and start raking in the big bucks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and he's really racking up the comments, too. One of his posts had two! Of course, one of those comments was from Eric...

Eric said...

2,000 jobs being lost in Los Alamos, billions of dollars of net worth vanishing for those who have devoted their lives to national security, and all you have is sarcasm.

How sad.

The offer to go away if you deposit $1,000, 000,000 in LANB to benefit those who are being RIFed still stands.

Anonymous said...

The Saviour Complex. You forgot to mention Eric's Saviour Complex, 10:46.