Oct 29, 2007

In the absence of any news

As we enter into yet another week under the LANS-imposed RIF news blackout, I saw some good advice received as a comment to the At the heart of new nuclear weapons post:

For the coming financial storm, the government seems to be taking the approach known in football as the 'look out' block.

In this approach, the center says to the quarterback,

"Look out, here he comes."



Michael Anastasio said...

We will decide when you need to be told that you have been RIF'ed. Until then, we will be proceeding with our ongoing program of 'accurately compiling' LANL's safety and security statistics to continue to insure that we meet our goal of a 30% reduction in reportable incidents. So don't report any. Oh, and please disregard any rumors you hear that the 'books were cooked'. Totally false, that. [And if I find out which son of a bitch told DOE about this, I'll...] Oops.

Hey, how about that Fall Festival, though. Did we have some kind of fun, or what?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's not the QB telling the center to "look out, here it comes"?

Anonymous said...

Gussie, you are a strange character. Are you getting excited by other peoples misery? Do you support public executions? What made you so angry that you can hardly wait until people will be kicked out of the door? - just curious...

Gussie Fink-Nottle said...


I don't support public executions, actually. However, I might be tempted to make an exception in your case. Making baseless assumptions about what goes on in another person's head is arguably a capital offense.

To set you straight on your misconception: I have a lot of friends who still work at LANL. I am not enjoying seeing them having to deal with the current stressful situation at LANL, nor do I enjoy observing how poorly LANS is keeping staff informed about the RIF situation.


Anonymous said...

Gussie - AMEN!! LANS approach to Mgmt 101 is to call an all hands meeting about 6 weeks ago and say the stars may line up and they will have to eliminate upto 2500 jobs. Then there is nothing but silence, nothing, nada, zip until a week ago when we are told it might be several more weeks before the workforce can get something substantial. In the meantime, if you get a job offer from another company, remember we do hire the brightest and best, whatever compensation package you will receive will be reduced by having to support two house payments.