Oct 30, 2007

Comment of the Week, Tuesday Edition

IN case you don't have time to dig through all the latest news and comments, this one nicely summarizes what LANS has been up to lately, from the The Decline and Fall of a Nuclear Weapons Laboratory? post:



Let's see if we can tally up the score for LANS just from today's breaking news. It appears as if LANS has

1) been cooking the books on safety and security stats since they took over,
2) been operating TA-55 outside of industry-standard criticality safety limits, and
3) been colluding with other managers over at KSL to continue a long-held tradition of over-charging DOE for work performed (or not performed, as the case may be).

Yep, no doubt about it: LANS is here for the long haul -- DOE picked the kind of contractor they feel comfortable with: corrupt and inept.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeedee, all in a days work.