Oct 31, 2007

You don't want to miss this one

Nuclear Weapons Program's successful FY '07 celebrated

October 31, 2007

Department of Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman and Tom D'Agostino, DOE under secretary for Nuclear Security and National Nuclear Security Administration administrator, join Marty Schoenbauer, principal assistant deputy administrator for operations at NNSA, and management from across the nuclear weapons complex in celebrating a successful fiscal year 2007 for the nuclear weapons program.

The event, hosted by the Pantex Plant, will be broadcast across the complex today at 9:30 a.m. MDT. It can be viewed on LABNET Channel 9 and on desktop computers using Real Media Stream and IPTV technology.


Anonymous said...

Um, yes I do.

Eric said...

What does 'successful' mean here?
Does it depend on what the meaning of 'is' is?

Anonymous said...

Bodman: You people have demonstrated great success this year. In fact, you were so good we don't need a lot of you. Congratulations! I'm RIF'ing a third of the complex workforce. You earned it!

Anonymous said...

The (select name--LANL, NNSA, DOE, LANS, UC) are proud to announce that 2007 was our best year yet. We excelled like never before. We amazed even ourselves. Things aren't just improving, we are reaching new heights with each passing day. We encountered no significant shortcomings. We were largely on target and within budget on virtually everything. We take this opportunity to self assess our achievements very seriously, and so we take extra precautions to make certain we are objective as humanly possible under the circumstances given the data and our understanding thereof. Otherwise, we're 100% confident in our assessment. And so given this, we'd have to conclude our performance rating for this past year would have to be characterized as being beyond excellent or outstanding. The word "stellar" comes to mind. Indeed, 2007 was stellar year for our institution!

Authored by:
The Tooth Fairy

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are we playing Bullshit Bingo here?

I think I just hit 5 in a row -- Bingo!