Oct 2, 2007

Detecting Liquid Explosives On A Plane

Let me guess: they're going to use snakes.



Science Daily After the plot to blow up trans-Atlantic airlines with liquid explosives was uncovered in London in August 2006, there has been pressure on the airline industry, and Homeland Security, to find new ways to not only detect liquids in baggage and on airline passengers, but also to figure out what they are. Now, the DHS Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) is teaming with scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to find a possible solution.


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Anonymous said...

Wow. This will protect us.

Wait, what's this? You say there never was any danger?


Anonymous said...

Better make sure that invaluable IWD is in place before any of that work is done at LANL! Oh, and let's not for the the overhead for all the talented management.

Anonymous said...

Snakes on a Plane, bad idea:


Anonymous said...

This project is another example of an excellent team working together in spite of the impediments the lab throws at them. The project is high risk technology, but that's what the lab is supposed to do.

See the Los Alamos Monitor article:
September 22, 2007 (click here)

Nitro said...

Don't you ever wonder at the stacks and stacks of water bottles inside virtually every building at LANL?

What is it a nuclear weapons laboratory with huge amounts of high-explosive experience doesn't understand about the possibility of quietly introducing tens (hundreds?) of gallons of a colorless, dense, oily liquid in sealed 5 gallon bottles into lots of different locations at once?

The bulk of the "water" would be modestly desensitized such that only the extreme shock of another bottle detonating would set it off.

Has anyone done a thorough background check on LANL's "water company"? Do the employees have clearances (not the ones I know, we staff have to go outside the fence and "mule" it in for them...

Hmmm.... sounds like the perfect setup to me. The next time I hear a test-shot in a canyon, I'll wonder if it is just someone Going Nuclear in reaction to a RIF notice (or threat).