Oct 31, 2007

Getting an eyeful

Somebody at HQ is catching up on their morning reading.

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Anonymous said...

We can probably expect some DOE official spokesperson to now come out with a line like, "This is all news to us. We had no idea that LANL's KSL subcontractor was overcharging DOE for work. "

Anonymous said...

It's Bodman checking up to see if the Morale is still in good shape. Yeah, we're doing great. Smiles Galore. Thanks for checking. Got to go now, safety classes, security classes and squeezing in a little time for resume writing.

Anonymous said...

By posting blog visits from DOE HQ, you're simply discouraging them from reading the blog. HQ staff should be encouraged to read the blog without fear of being exposed.

Why would you post this Gussie? Ego?

Anonymous said...

I don't think DOE HQ really cares if it is known that they visit this blog. And to think that they care about the low morale shown in the postings here and want to do anything about improving things is too far fetched to even ponder.

DOE HQ doesn't give a damn about LANL any longer. They would just as soon see LANL wither away, which is exactly what they have planned for our future.