Nov 15, 2007

Comment of the Week

A pair of comments from the Post October 1 RIF News post.



Well, it's now Thursday the 15th and not a peep out of LANS has been heard about the promised pre-Thanksgiving meeting to inform us all about the upcoming RIF.

The silence and lack of forthrightness from our lab leadership continues to amaze me.


This will surprise nobody, but the next All-Managers Meeting (Monday's) has been cancelled.


Ravenfriend said...

Gussie et al:

An anonymous acquaintance in IRM-RMMSO (the people who set up audio and video for all-hands and other meetings Lab-wide) says that Anastasio has reserved the NSSB auditorium for both Nov. 19 and 26.

The accompanying rumor is that the Director will announce the finalized "Workforce Restructuring Plan" on either the 19th or 26th, depending on when he can get it approved and get a presentation together.

Guesses here in ADBS are for the 26th.

Bertie Wooster

Anonymous said...

Tell your friend to fix the audio so that we can actually hear what's being broadcast

Anonymous said...

Can't these LANS idiots do anything right?

Can anyone imagine that job applicants might be reading this blog?

Anonymous said...

Can someone point to this LANS promise of a pre-thanksgiving briefing, or is that a promise someone made up?

Anonymous said...

See? We can promise anything. They already think we said "no rif until we have a plan for a rif."

Isn't that what we said?

Anonymous said...

A notice to expect a pre-Thanksgiving meeting on the RIF was made in one of the Lab Links emails about a week ago. Of course, most staff no longer even bother to read these things any longer.

Anonymous said...

*Rules for a RIF: Get it done quickly and cleanly with openness and then move on so the morale of the workforce can heal and the community can recover. Let it be known that no one, no matter how high up the corporate ladder, is immune from being laid off.

*LANS Rules for a RIF: Dribble it out slowly and hide as much information from the workforce as you can. Extend the pain and stress by laying off staff in multiple waves. Lower the morale on a continuing basis in the hope that some people will finally just give up and leave on their own behalf. And be sure to let it be known that management is immune for any chance of being laid off.

Anonymous said...

Mike doesn't want to meet with the rank and file because I am sure that people will want to ask him about the 10 people per week (on average) that the laboratory continues to hire!

What I find interesting is that we continue to hire people for such money loosing areas as the tech transfer office. Wait until we have to pay a 49% G&A rate for the pending workforce restructuring efforts.

Anonymous said...

5:22 pm, Mary Neu wrote it in one of her ADCLES Directorate updates.

Anonymous said...

I also saw a pre-Thanksgiving RIF meeting mentioned in one of the weekly announcements from my AD (not Mary Neu), so it was apparently coming from the AD level. But, then, what do the AD's know? Apparently, not much of anything given the lack of official information being supplied to the workforce.

Anonymous said...

*** Meeting Has FINALLY been announced. ***

LANS waited until Friday to announce a All-Hands RIF meeting scheduled for next Monday and from the sound of it, I doubt there will be any important information released at this meeting. Sounds like things are not going well in the negotiations with DOE. Rumor is that DOE wants any voluntary package to come out of the $79 million profit fee that LANS receives. And what are the chances of that? Probably slim to none. It's looking like this RIF is going to be largely involuntary and very painful.

From/MS: Jan A. Van Prooyen, A100
Phone/Fax: 7-5101/7-2997
Symbol: DIR-07-297
Date: November 15, 2007

SUBJECT: Update on Workforce Restructuring
All-Employee Meeting­November 19, 2007

I want to take the opportunity to update you on the most recent
activity related to the Workforce Restructuring efforts. LANL
has been in communications with the Department of Energy (DOE) to
finalize our Specific Workforce Restructuring Plan and secure
approval for implementation. On Friday, November 9, 2007, we
officially submitted the Specific Workforce Plan to DOE.

The Director will hold an All Employee meeting on Monday,
November 19, 2007, in the NSSB auditorium beginning at 1:15 p.m.
to provide you with an update on our efforts. We look forward to
meeting with you at that time.