Nov 11, 2007

Manhattan Project meeting press release

LA Monitor staff report

Without a doubt, the Manhattan Project was the reason for the creation of the town of Los Alamos many years ago. An upcoming public meeting this week will focus on this period of time for Los Alamos, and how the community could best be represented in a national park now under consideration.

The National Park Service (NPS) is conducting a special resource study to determine the national significance, suitability, and feasibility of designating one or more historic sites of the Manhattan Project for potential inclusion in the national park system. This park could include non-contiguous sites in Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, TN, and Hanford, Wash. The county council appointed an ad hoc committee in August to take the lead on the project on behalf of Los Alamos. The committee is comprised of representatives involved in historic preservation and tourism from throughout the community.

The committee has brainstormed ideas, and would like to hear from the public. They will host a public meeting from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Pajarito Room of Fuller Lodge to gather input in answer to the question: “What form should the park take to best represent Los Alamos?” Residents are encouraged to come give the committee their feedback at the meeting. Anyone unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting can e-mail their comments by November 13th to Heather McClenahan at

Based upon feedback from the community and other potential project partners, the committee will present a plan to NPS representatives when they visit Los Alamos for additional community meetings later this fall or winter.

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Anonymous said...

Be sure to include LANS management! They will certainly want to be engaged so that Mikey can give all the credit to LLNL...

Anonymous said...

Gee, I've always thought it would be cool to live in a national park!

Anonymous said...

They are preserving the place's history now that the place is history.

Anonymous said...

A national park? Disneyland comes to mind. Where fantasy is a way of life. Where people bask in their own inflated egos. Yes, why not turn the place into a park?

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, Disneyland does comes to mind when you think of LANL.

Director 'Mikey Mouse' is leading us on the way down. He and his special friends in LANS are really enjoying the fat chunks of cheese being thrown their way. And, come to think of it, Terry does bear some resemblance to Goofy!

Pinky and The Brain said...

I think a couple of 30ft granite Peace Obelisks mounted at the entrance to the park would look great!

Anonymous said...

The Los Alamos Vomiter has a Sunday article about someone who is just now opening up a new real estate office in Los Alamos. I suggest she become an expert at handling foreclosures and distressed properties. Here are some excerpts:

Mother and son team up to open real estate company and multi-media entertainment center (Los Alamos Monitor)
By CAROL A. CLARK Monitor County Editor

Longtime Los Alamos Realtor Tracy Langford is launching two new businesses later this month. The first is The LA Real Estate Group, which she said is going to approach real estate in a whole new way.

“We are going to run an old business in a new way,” Langford said during an interview in her new offices at 1247-D Central Avenue Friday. “We’re going to be tied a lot more to the Internet than we are to traditional marketing concepts such as print media. The reason is that the cost of marketing today no longer allows for the bulk of advertising dollars to be spent in local print media.”

...Langford also is working with the FBI to bring a loan fraud class to the community.

“It will be the first class in New Mexico to have the FBI make a presentation like that,” she said. “We are a community that values education and these types of classes will teach us how to avoid getting caught up in things like fraud.”

...Langford put together a group of contractors willing to work at a discount for her clients. As an example, she said when someone selling a home needs electrical work done that would cost $3,000, her contractor will charge $2,700 to her client.

...The LA Real Estate Group has connections throughout the state, Langford said, not only in her work in industry associations but through Catherine Richmond, who is the other Realtor currently working out of the office.
Richmond has experience selling in rural Las Vegas and is very familiar with “short sales” for people in mortgage trouble.

...Being a member of the Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association, Langford said, gives her the opportunity to “get information from Los Alamos National Laboratory first hand.”

She added, “This will help our buyers and sellers understand current and upcoming changes in the market. Knowing, for example, that in the next three to five years the lab's going to shift its focus from weapons to scientific research causing 57 percent of the lab’s work on weaponry to decrease to 33 percent and that's important information to have.”

Anonymous said...

8:55 am:

"A national park? Disneyland comes to mind."

That's only because you're an idiot. You think the National Park Service runs Disneyland?? You think Disney runs Bandelier? Is your idea of a National Park an amusement park? You truly are a jerk- and I hope that you aren't raising your kids that way.

If you don't think that Los Alamos (the town and the Lab) have enough important history in our country's developmnet to warrant a National Park, so be it. But to belittle that history just makes you an uneducated, narrow-minded, historically illiterate boob, with no thoughts beyond your next hamburger and fries.

Anonymous said...

Turning parts of LANL into a national park would allow NNSA to start collecting tolls at the new security gates. Maybe that will help bail out our failing LANL budget.

And what about using the old TA-3 Admin building as a national park hotel? That should help, too. In fact, recently laid off staff could be used as the hotel's bell hops, maids, and desk clerks.

Anonymous said...

The LLNL Director said: "The lab's goal is to protect scientific research positions, but it is not known if any scientists will be laid off."

Seems to make good sense. These are the people who will be the most difficult to replace.

At LANL, the RIF will be "across the board." That means no change in the mode of operation and higher overhead rates. LANL must preserve the indirect-funded infrastructure of over-paid managers, HR, CFO, FM, etc. Of course, it has recently come out that LANS has retained SIX! attorneys to plan the RIF.

So, it would appear that LLNL is still trying to be a scientific laboratory while LANL is just trying to avoid litigation.

Did LANS consider doing the RIF sensibly and fairly and then defending and winning any lawsuits?

Anonymous said...

"You think the National Park Service runs Disneyland?? You think Disney runs Bandelier? Is your idea of a National Park an amusement park?"

No 11/12/07 9:51 PM, but Los Alamos was founded by brilliant minds, but is now little more than an amusement park run by some of the world's most incompetent managers (put in place long before LANS came into the picture) for the benefit of the arrogant few who spew their rantings day in and day out at the Lab, as though it were gospel for the vast majority who remain sedated like the sheep that they've been repeatedly characterized on this blog as being. Get the connection now Mr. Best and Brightest? Sorry the characterization offends, but then again realilty has never been a big part of living in Los Alamos. Isolated, priveledged, politically and economically shielded until recently. DOE subsidies for schools, for road maintenance, for everything under the Sun. Not reality for the vast majority of American communities I would say. More like a fantasy land. Kind of like Disneyland. Yea, that's the ticket! Disneyland.

Anonymous said...


I see the trolls are back. I do not know who the 8:30AM poster is but they need to get some facts and get a life.