Nov 2, 2007

Friday Comment

From the Post October 1 RIF News post:


Well, as of today, the Chief of Staff of EES Division stated that LANS has decided that, with respect to severance pay, all its empoyees started work on or after June 1, 2006, so about the most severance pay one might expect would be about 1.5 weeks. If true, this is sure to really piss off many folks, though I suspect a herd of attorneys will offer their services in the sure-to-follow class action suit.


Anonymous said...

Now that is just silly and untrue. Come on people.

Anonymous said...

If it were anybody but LANS, I'd probably agree with you, 4:02. But this is LANS we are talking about; I've been repeatedly surprised by their stupidity since they took over. I would not be terribly surprised if the rumor of this latest clumsy maneuver turned out to be true.

Anonymous said...

4:08pm - what would be the point of even going through an SSP if that was the offering? Why not go straight to the ISP?

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me, 4:17, ask Chief of Staff of EES Division.

Anonymous said...

"If it were anybody but LANS, I'd probably agree with you, 4:02. But this is LANS we are talking about;"

Oh come on 4:08pm. The only mistake LANS has made has been that some major house-cleaning did not take place.

Here's a good one and I won't even charge LANS for the advice. All those "former" group leaders and division leaders who are now working in positions with little or no managerial responsibility and keeping their manager pay rate: CUT THEIR PAY NOW to reflect their current role or responsibility. Better yet, RIF them first as they are most in need of the real world wake-up call.

Anonymous said...

If one of you sheeple still working at the lab would download the last UPTE spreadsheet ( and then look up in your little lab phone book all the listed manager types who are no longer managers, and then add up the difference in pay, you'd probably choke on your cud.

But you won't do that, so just keep chewing and wait for the rif.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 6:12 PM, but this RIF will target mainly low level TSMs with some support staff so it appears to be "fair".

Once the RIF is completed the FTE costs of direct-funded TSMs will need to go higher, leading, of course, to further layoffs of the same nature in FY09 which will, of course, lead to even higher FTE rates, which will lead to... well, you get the picture.

Slow death is coming to LANL over the next few years. All those former group and division leaders who are now in high paying non-management positions need not fear. They're in the "protected" class. They'll be able to continue to party hardy like our buddies over in KSL until the lab finally collapses into total financial chaos and is closed down. The Bechtel/BWXT pit plant will be all that remains.

Anonymous said...

this doesn't seem to make much sense. Why would anyone be motivated to take an early out unless they were going to retire anyway. Otherwise... wait, get canned and collect unemployment.That's what i would do. Unless of course you aren't eligible for unemployment for some reason.

Anonymous said...

"If it were anybody but LANS, I'd probably agree with you, 4:02."

Anybody but LANS? UC is part of LANS still, isn't it? UC brought us LANS, didn't it? But you still apparently believe UC was better? Now I understand whey so many of your ilk are so damn worried about being drug tested. You've obviously been in mental fog since the 60s. Maybe it's time to take your head out of your behind and smell reality. Like take for example the fact that UC was the problem back then, and still IS the problem today! Bechtel may be a good scapegoat for UC in the minds of some, but it was UC who chose to jump into bed with Bechtel, now wasn't it? So let's stop pointing our crooked little fingers at LANS and start looking in the mirror. Maybe what you'll see in your reflection is UC. You UC-types just thought the gravey train would never end. You allowed UC to twist and distort reality so long as your pension was still intact. When that ended, you woke up to the reality that UC has shafted us all, but it was easier to blame LANS, DOE or anybody else but UC. Yet it was UC who set the stage for this fiasco we now call LANS. And still standing behind the curtain is guess who? You got it...UC!!