Nov 29, 2007

New Sorted RIF List



Anonymous said...

Very informative.


Ravenfriend said...

My group leader, who is an unusually sensible and truthful person, passed along this info: the so-called "Target" numbers on this list apply only to Phase I.

When LANS (inevitably) goes on to Phase II, all NEW numbers will be generated that apply only to Phase II.

So, the numbers are bullshit. What a surprise.

Idiots all around me have been breathing sighs of relief for 2 days thinking that they're "safe" because LANS "only wants to get rid of ___ (fill in the number) of my kind of job description."

After the 30 or so SSPs throw themselves under the bus, more of us will be lined up for the Big Shove.

Anonymous said...

Target numbers will change to reflect the difference between people that volunteer and what remains to be removed, if any. Based on those numbers and the technical areas from which they came, naturally target numbers will change. Duh. Why is this such a surprise? It would be irresponsible not to revisit them.

Anonymous said...

The current target numbers reflect what positions management would like to get rid of. If they go voluntarily, great!

But then there are sure to be different numbers for positions that management can safely get rid of through involuntary means, because of the risk of lawsuits and such by people with unpronounceable surnames, you know.