Nov 14, 2007


It has now become apparent why Richardson has been so silent on the LANL RIF situation: he's been concentrating on starting up the new Yucca Mountain National Laboratory! From the last paragraph of the story:

He now says he believes the dump would be unsafe and wants to convert the site to a national laboratory.

Read all about it here.



Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Bill. As a national lab the dump will be 30% safer every year!

Anonymous said...

Richardson is a lying sack of shit, but most of the citizens of New Mexico already know that. Senator Byrd (D-WV) was correct when he stated in the Senate chambers that this man should never be trusted with another government position.

Anonymous said...

Richardson's newest campaign slogan:

"A chicken in every pot, and a DOE lab in every state!"

Anonymous said...

Richardson is a shameless self-promoter. He has made a mess of things in NM. The good thing about his running for president is that he is out of state most of the time so less bad decisions and appointments are being made.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Richardson is frequently out of state... flying in the new luxury corporate jet that he had the State of New Mexico buy for his highness, the Governor.