Nov 7, 2007

Lost Alamos National Lab

From one of our loyal readers:

This is quite a freudian slip -- but maybe not -- look at the heading on this O&I page for LANL -- You might be interested in the letters also.

[Thanks for pointing that out to us! Maybe they've already been briefed on what Marty Schoenbauer will say tomorrow?
- Pinky]


Anonymous said...

Beyond the letters and statements, there is the performance evaluation plan.

Can somebody please translate the deliverables into English?

For instance, phrases like "continue to deliver on agreed upon goals" means what?

How can a person tell whether this milestone was met or not?


Anonymous said...

Well, "continue" means to go on/keep on a course or direction as in the past. "Delver" means to carry and turn over expected goods to the intended recipient. "Agreed" means to come to a common understanding. "Goals" are purposes for which an endeavor is directed. An objective. Therefore, this means that that one is to keep on the current path of carrying over expected goods to the customer, which are contained in a set of specified objectives.

Does that help clear it up for you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes!

Except for the words and thoughts.

Can I get that in Finnish, to go?

Brad Lee Holian said...

The title is simply a typo; it should have read:

"LOST ALMOST National Lab"

In other words, we have a "little" time gather up your pencils and schoolbooks, children; the bell's about to ring...