Nov 19, 2007

LLNS, LLC - "Flex Term" Notification Letter

November 15,2007

Dear Laboratory Employee,

This letter serves to notify you that Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC plans to implement a reduction in force. This notice is required under the Federal and State WARN Acts (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act and California Labor Code, Section 1400, et seq.) requiring at least 60 days notice if there is a reasonable possibility that more than 50 employees may be released within a 30-day period. All flexible term employees are receiving this notice.

The Laboratory currently employs approximately 1100 flexible term employees. Approximately 25 percent of those employees must be released in order to meet anticipated budget shortfalls. As a flexible term employee, you may be impacted by this planned reduction. We expect to complete these reductions by January 31, 2008 and that this will be a permanent release. Affected employees will not have the right to "bump" employees who have less seniority. At the present time, we are determining the job classifications and number of employees within each job classification who will be affected. We will notify individuals who are to be released no later than mid-January.

In the event fewer than 50 employees are released within a 30-day period, you may be notified earlier than mid-December and released prior to January 31. If you are actually released, you will be receiving a separate notification from Strategic Human Capital Management in accordance with Laboratory policy.

Enclosed is a list of internal and external resources you may find helpful. All of these resources are currently available to you.

We truly regret that this workforce restructuring is necessary. If you have any questions, please contact Robert Perko at (925) 422-9501.


Tamara E. Jernigan
Associate Director
Strategic Human Capital Management


Anonymous said...

Does LLNL also have an AD for Tactical Human Capital Management?

Anonymous said...

I got my ticket on saturday when i open my mail box. Here is a bit of information about the llnl rif
first 50 will go out the gate december 16th the other 450 will be between Jan.8th and Jan. 16th this includes both contract and flex term and affects buisness services only. then in January a severance package will be offered, it looks like up to 26 weeks of pay for every year of serivce. along with the severance package another chian letter about work force reduction will be sent to FTEs across the lab, this time management will be targeting the screw ups and dead beats on the EBA list. this list is currently at around 350 and growing ever day so by the time March 8th comes along these poor saps should be hiting the gate. LLNS has sent out a detailed memo discribing what I have mention. the memo is subject to change base on budget.

Anonymous said...

"Strategic Human Capital Management"

Those aren't people losing their jobs. Just "Human Capital".

How fucking impersonal.

Anonymous said...

12:54 PM,
Thanks for the info; do you know which categories of personnel received the detailed memo you described? It would be nice to read it.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on the internal LLNL web today....
Employees to receive WARN Act notifications
Nov. 19, 2007

All flex-term and supplemental laborers will receive written notification under the WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act) over the next few days regarding the planned workforce reductions that will be required by the end of January 2008. Receiving this letter does not directly mean an employee is part of the proposed 500 employees affected.

The federal WARN Act and California Labor Code require employers of more than 100 persons to provide at least 60 days advance notice if a release is anticipated of 50 or more individuals within 30 days at a single work site. The notification also is made to local government officials. If fewer than 50 employees are released, the normal Laboratory notification policy will apply.

Questions about the WARN letter may be directed to Staff Relations Division Leader

Anonymous said...

"in January a severance package will be offered, looks like up to 26 weeks of pay for every year of serivce"

Really? So if I'v been a the lab for 30 years I can get a decade and a half of severance pay?

Anonymous said...

I can feel the love coming from LANS already - just in time for the Holidays!