Dec 13, 2007

Amendment could fund government for another week

By Matthew Weigelt,

The House today passed by 385 to 27 an amended continuing resolution to fund the government until Dec. 21 at fiscal 2007 spending levels.

The Senate has yet to pass its version of the resolution, which would be the third continuing resolution already in fiscal 2008. The current one expires Dec. 14.

The amended resolution comes as Congress and the White House have pushed back and forth over spending bills. Congress has considered an omnibus appropriations bill, and President Bush has threatened to veto any such measure.

Bush said Dec. 3 that Congress shouldn’t burden the economy with wasteful spending in an omnibus appropriations bill and instead act fiscally responsible by passing the remaining 11 spending bills. Throughout the budget process, Bush threatened to veto spending bills that exceeded his budget proposals.

Because the omnibus spending bill remains an option for Congress, the president has already vetoed a spending bill that merged two separate pieces of spending legislation. In November, he vetoed the Fiscal 2008 Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Act because it both included a veterans spending bill and it was on track to be $22 billion more than he proposed.

The Fiscal 2008 Department of Defense Appropriations Act is the only spending bill that has become law.



Eric said...

Can somebody explain continuing resolutions in terms of the spending of a household?

The story that I want to be true is:

Spouse 1 : Until we agree on what we are going to buy next year, I will only let you write checks for what we bought last year minus a percentage. If we can't agree on next year's check writing pretty soon, then all check writing will stop. The kids will not be fed but you should have treated me better.

Spouse 2: I am not agreeing to any check writing until I get my way.

Is this about it?

Anonymous said...

Eric, if you're a little confused, try:

Eric said...

That was great. Better than Rammstein.

Anonymous said...

P&B and Gus,

I don't know if you have heard about Concur, the Lab's new travel system. It is one of the biggest disasters rolled out by the LANS management team to date. People who travel a lot are owned $10-20K of travel reimbursements. I know several people who have complained and only get ignored. The other day at the first line manager meeting with Mikey, he was asked about Concur and told the poor guy who asked the question to talk to his supervisor as he doesn't want to deal with any problems. Nice. The guy is making over a million bucks for his post and does not want to hear or deal with any problems. He is ignoring issues brought to his attention.

Is there any way that we can get a top post (ala RIF) to discuss Concur. Maybe we can bring it to the attention of our lawmakers or other folks in Washington how LANS is keeping thousands and thousands of dollars in their pockets by not reimbursing the employees who go on travel.

Why doesn't POGO pick up on this kind of fraud and abuse?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gussie,

I was at a meeting today where I was told that everyone who had ordered and received YakTrax
(ordered and paid for by LANL) are not allowed to wear them until they have received LANL TRAINING. Maybe by next summer LANL employees will be trained appropriately.

I laughed so hard I almost fell over.

At 4:55 today (Thursday, December 13) I was happily driving across the Valles Caldera observing an elk herd of 10, not wearing YakTrax. The Beach Boys were playing "Help Me Rhonda, Help Me Get 'er Off Of My Mind" on 98.5. And, oh, yeah, I forgot to turn in my withdrawl form in by 5.


Mary C.
Happily in the Jemez and LANL can KMA

Anonymous said...

Just had a great idea... why don't we move the end of the Fiscal Year from October to December :)

From Wikipedia:

"Prior to 1976, the fiscal year began on July 1 and ended on June 30. The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 stipulated the change to allow Congress more time to arrive at a budget each year, and provided for what is known as the "transitional quarter" from July 1, 1976 to September 30, 1976."

Anonymous said...

Time to throw all of the idiots in Congress out! Perhaps a RIF there would allow individuals with a sense of decency and common sense return our government around.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised YakTrax training is going to be required. First they were touted as the be-all end-all of winter slips trips and falls. Then we started getting the fine print warnings - "but take them off as soon as you enter a building, as they can catch on carpet and be very very slippery on tile floors." And then some wise guys started wearing them in potentially contaminated areas. And let's not even get started on all the potential ergonomic injuries from people bending over in strange ways to put them on their feet!

Land sakes, what's the Lab to do? There seems to be a lot of risk associated with issuing a pair of YakTrax to every worker.

OH, I KNOW! How about we actually clear the snow and ice off of the places people have to walk!

Anonymous said...

OK 10:02, I just spit soda on my keyboard. That's just too funny.

Anonymous said...

Suggest you all dump those YakTraxs into the trash before the new LANL YakTraxs Training Course becomes mandatory.

This is sooo typical of today's LANL. I would like to laugh, but instead I find myself crying.

Anonymous said...

1. First we need to create some training.

2. Issue the training. Preferably something that takes each worker at least an hour to get through.

3. Realize we forgot to figure out how we'll track the training.

4. Assign each worker to a new YakTrax Activity in WQAS. Oh, you'll need your line manager to acknowledge and authorize you to use these here as well after you're done with the training.

5. Ooops, we forgot to create a training plan so that WQAS can figure out when you have completed the training.

6. So sorry, we didn't come up with a way to record the training completions. Those employees that have already taken the training must do it again.

7. Wait a minute, we just found a problem with the training and everyone must re-take the new course that has just been put out.

8. Oh noooooooooooo Mr. Bill, the new training was assigned a different course ID which was never put into the original training plan.

9. Oh well, it's springtime now. Let's finish this next FY.

Thank you CT and the rest of ADBS. Just think of what we would do without you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you lived up above the Arctic Circle with lots of constant ice, YakTraxs would be a swell idea.

For those who live in Northern New Mexico where the ice and snow quickly evaporate under our intense sun, they are a very bad idea.

Throw then away before you take a bad spill on a smooth tile floor. They are a dangerous piece of junk.

Anonymous said...

12/14/07 8:14 PM

If the YakTrax were thrown away, LANL employees would have to take the NSTec-favored approach - hold each others' hand while walking on slippery snow and ice. And lest you think I'm kidding, this is true. On wintry days in Los Alamos, the net effect when TSMs wander outdoors would mean that the sponsors would be paying at a rate of $900K per year. Scary, huh?