Dec 3, 2007

Blatant Commercial

I received this message from an acquaintance, former blogger Doug Roberts. Hey, if a blogger can't do a fellow blogger a favor, what good are we?



Hey, Gus, I hear you have a new internet fan/stalker. That's just part of the reward in running a high-volume blog, enjoy!

Say, I'm writing to ask a rather large favor: can you run a post about one of my music buddy's new albums? I play with him now & then in Santa Fe, and he's really a great guy. Here's a link that points to it: Lucky 13.




Anonymous said...

Wow, Montiel is a good guitar player. Gypsy Train is pretty sweet. I'll have to catch him sometime when he's playing in Santa Fe. Gus or Doug, were does he usually play?

Doug said...


I've played with Mike at Second Street Brewpub, The Tin Star Saloon, Willee's Blues Bar, and Tiny's.


Frank Young said...

Mike (Montiel, that is),
Good to hear you're still making music. See ya again someday.