Dec 12, 2007

Pentagon Prepares for Layoffs in Budget Standoff

LANL is well down in the pecking order of the current budget situation.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007; Page D04

The Pentagon expects to notify Army and Navy commanders this week to begin preparing to lay off civilian employees, a Defense Department official said yesterday.

Notices to employees will come in mid-January, the official said. He spoke on the condition of anonymity because Pentagon officials are still working out details of the potential layoffs.

The Defense Department has said that it plans to send about 100,000 civil service employees home without pay because of a budget dispute between the White House and the Congress. The Pentagon says the Army and Marine Corps will run out of money early next year unless more is provided to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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Anonymous said...

Funny, LANL tried to play this bluff with Congress by announcing 750 layoffs and the SSP plan but it didn't help us at all.

Perhaps we're not viewed as being needed as badly as the DOD workers? Perhaps we would also be better protected from future layoffs if we were under the the DOD's big, strong umbrella rather than being contained within DOE's declining domain?

Anonymous said...

I'm just deliriously happy that UC won the contract. Can you imagine how bad things would have been if UC had lost? I mean, we could have found our lab subjected to the same horrible fate which SNL now faces!