Dec 4, 2007

Findings of the Mercer Human Resource Report

Sent in by a reader.



I was sent a document that cites some information regarding LANL
management. I have no way of verifying the information. There supposedly
was a report prepared for LANS, the Mercer Human Resource Report, date
March 3, 2007, entitled Total Compensation Design and ..... prepared for
LANS by Marsh and McLennan Company.

The report claims that top tier managers have tripled since Jun 1, 2006
and claims that LANS managers earn 130% above the market value.

LANS Line Management Structure (total 49) supposedly listed in the report:

Accounting Manager, Assoc Center Dir, Assoc Director, Associate Deputy
Dir, Associate Director, Benefit Plans Manager, Budgeting Group Leader,
Budgeting Manager, Center Director, Center Leader, Chief Info
Officer,Construction Manager, Dep Principal Associate, Dep Program Dir,
Dep Project Dir, Deputy Associate Dir, Deputy Center Dir, Deputy Center
Leader, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Deputy Director, Deputy
Division Ldr, Deputy Group Leader, Deputy Lab Counsel, Deputy Office
Dir, Deputy Office Leader, Deputy Oper Manager, Deputy Proj Director,
Director, Division Leader, Executive Director, Executive Staff Dir,
Facility Ops Manager, Finance/compliance Manager, General Counsel, Group
Leader, Group Leader/fac Mgr, Office Director, Office Leader, Operations
Manager, Principal Assoc Dir, Principal Dep Associate, Program Director,
Program Manager, Project Controls Manager, Project Director, Project
Manager, Property Mgmt Manager, Team Leader, and Technical Director.

The report also supposedly discusses relocation expenses.

Conservative Estimate: Approximately 1,000 Bechtel (BWXT, etc) employees
have come to LANL.

$30,000 (Conservative No.) X 1,000 New Employees = $30 Million Dollars
TSM = $300K X1000 = $300 Million Dollars (Fully burden cost)

Expedited security clearances requested by LANL for incoming LANS
(Bechtel, BWXT, etc) personnel has risen. The price for these types of
clearances is approximately $25K - $35K. Management is bumping existing
employees for these jobs, paying travel expenses, being paid above
market and don’t have the educational background. Supposedly some key
managers are getting double insurance coverage which means paying for
their family out of state and for the manager in state.


Anonymous said...

"The report claims that top tier managers have tripled since Jun 1, 2006 and claims that LANS managers earn 130% above the market value."

I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you! {not}

The earlier reports of Los Alamos having the highest millionaires per capita came as only a minor surprise. There are people in this community who work and save, some who invest and many who just don't spend much; look at cars and clothing and you'll see the frugality (or lack of effort/interest in discretionary spending). Take a home tour and you'll see some incredibly dated home interiors.

To think that LANS, LLC will potentially make the new managers millionaires in a year or two is absolutely incredible!

Ravenfriend said...

Guess that's why they (mostly) live in S-Fe--ain't nuthin' nice enough for 'em here. No places to show off their wealth, no opera, no big stores, no positive place-name recognition, blah, blah, blah.

And...I wonder if any of them will snap to the fact that some of us actually CAN do the math!

I was right in the beginning. LANS is The Borg. Unfortunately, being The Borg is "in" right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked either. A quick look through the org structure and charts as LANS started to lay out the organization told the story. Many on the blog pointed it out. Pretty much a done deal at this point, no?

Anonymous said...

I have seen the costs to execute work at the laboratory increase another 10% this year. Some of the increase has been explained as new First Line Managers, which was explained to be a way to reduce our costs in the future because we will be safer. There is no basis for this statement.

Closer to the story however is the simple fact that all of the corporate partners (except UC) have to get rid of people. Moving them here is a way to keep their own. As LANS has shown a calis additude towards the Los Alamos personnel,why not reduce the old UC work force and replace them with BWXT, WGI, or Bechtel corporate wonks? The non_LANL types follow orders, work harder, and work for less. And we have obviously become a better executing institution. Ask NNSA what they think about how well Bechtel is managing the CMRR construction?

I would like to know how many of the contractor positions and "other" hirings have been filled by WGI, BWXT, or Bechtel employees. I personally know of dozens.

Anonymous said...

LANS is the dumping ground for LLNL (Anastasio), Bechtel, WGI, and the rest. It's a comfy government job that has no accountability. These are people who couldn't make it in the commercial world, and weren't bad enough to be fired. Send 'em to LANS, and let them retire in place.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and take the SSP and leave LANL. The LANS corporate partners have a bunch of Bechtel and BWXT employees all lined up and ready to take over your jobs but they need you to leave first, else DOE won't let these positions be filled with LANS' corporate buddies.

Anonymous said...

"..LANS managers earn 130% above the market value."

Of course they do. They're the best and brightest in the country. They also have some very good connections.

That anyone at LANL would find this Mercer report to be shocking is hilarious. What did you think this whole LLC privatization thing was really about? Making the labs run better than ever? Well, yes, but only for a select few.

It's amazing what you hear when you talk to some of the staff at LANL. After all this time, some of them still don't "get it".

Anonymous said...

So, what do they consider a "millionaire"? Somebody who earns $50K/year and expects to work another 20 years?

Anonymous said...

The standard "millionaire" definition is a net worth of $1M NOT counting real estate. That was the definition used in the rcent survey of Los Alamos.

Anonymous said...

Net worth NOT counting real estate?
Sheesh. I'm not anywhere near a millionaire. Maybe a $50K-aire at the most.

Well I have my wife and kids. That makes me more than a millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think you could sell them for that much?

Anonymous said...

Not counting real estate, but counting retirement assets. There are a lot of folks sitting on a lot of pension value in this town.

Anonymous said...

In the good old days, aka, pre-Nanos, people gor promoted to GL and DL positions and got modest salary increases. Then they received above-average annual increases and occasional mid-term increases to catch them up to their peers. GL salaries were 10 to 15% above the level of the highest decile of the respective group memebers. DL salaries were 10 to 15% above the highest GL salary of the respective division.

Now, all of that has changed DLs make ~$250K and ADs make even more. None of these individuals has any real accountability.

Anonymous said...

Who has a copy of the report? Is it online? Is there a link to it? Is it available via a FOIA request?

Anonymous said...

The skewing of salaries at LANL has become extreme over the last few years. I remember the old days with their more equitable salaries, 9:08 AM.

It wasn't but a few years ago that our LANL Director made about $250 K per year and that was considered a suitable salary. You can't even find Division Leaders who make less than that these days. This, while average worker salaries at LANL have begun to stagnant and even slid backwards when you take benefit reductions and inflation into account. The future looks like it holds more of this same trend, though, both for us and the rest of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where the "conservative estimate of 1000 Bechtel (BWXT, etc)" comes from or even the dozens. HR numbers (transfers and new hires) won't support either number, with or without partner personnel coming in.