Dec 4, 2007

We're definitely in a rut here

The same old stuff keeps being brought up on the blog.

Livermore is stupid.
No LANL is more stupid, and arrogant, too.
LANS is evil.
DOE is evil.
NNSA is evil.
RIFS are evil.
I'm entitled to my job.
No you're not.
LANL pollutes.
LANL is saving the world.
You'll miss us when we're gone.
No we won't.
Romper Room.
Is not!
You're stupid.
No, your stupid!

And so on.

So we're going to do something different with this post. In the mean time, please keep the contributions coming in those other topic areas listed above. The rest of you, however, are welcome to participate in a contest.

Last night I took a listen to the Lucky 13 album that Doug Roberts mentioned here yesterday. I liked it. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought it, but not from iTunes, the album is also available cheaper at -- the Amazon link is on the Lucky 13 home page. That's when I got the idea for a contest. Roberts doesn't know that I'm doing this, and I suspect he will irritated at me when he hears about it. He'll go along with it though, because he owes me for letting him plug his buddy's album on the blog.

Here's the contest, the rules are simple.
  1. Listen to the album.
  2. Tell us why you liked (or hated) it.
  3. The winning entry entitles the owner to have lunch in Santa Fe with former blogger of LANL, The Real Story fame, Doug Roberts. Roberts is buying. Maybe he can talk Mike Montiel into joining them for lunch.
  4. The contest will be open until New Years Day, lunch to be provided soon after.
I can't wait until Roberts reads this.



Anonymous said...

At first I was going to say not enough sax, but he sounds good without it too.

Anonymous said...

Photo looks like the south end of a north-facing parrot.

Anonymous said...

I can detect several influences to appreciate:

Eric Clapton
Jim Croce
heartache, distrust, longing, resiliency & a little hope, too
zydeco or latino

The instrumentals seem to be well executed and fun for the performers which seems to breathe even more vitality and richness into the music.

Vocals are bluesy, whiskey-rough in places for effect and relaxed or playful in others but all in all, easy on the ears.

One of the things I noted is that while many of the songs have similarities in instrumentation, there are distinctly differing sounds and tempos to choose from which keep the listener interested from the first selection to the last as well as through each future album if the pattern holds true.

I'll defer on the lunch unless my DH can come along. ;)

Doug said...

Well, Gus, I can report that your blog has a good readership in Santa Fe. I had meetings down there today, and before the day was out several people had told me that I was the prize (booby?) in some contest you are running.

But you're right, I owe you; thanks for the coverage of Mike's album. You're invited to lunch as well.


--Doug Roberts
LANL, Retired 2005

Anonymous said...

Among your list of "same old stuff", you forgot, "Udall is an idiot!"