Dec 12, 2007

Word from Washington

I received this message from Doug Roberts. He offered it up for posting on the blog, on condition that comments for the post be turned off. It seems he is not all that impressed with the overall quality of comments here lately. Can't say I blame him.



I had an interesting evening tonight. The son of a friend of mine in Washington is the press agent for a US Senator. Since I was in Washington, and from New Mexico, they invited me to attend a get-together held on behalf of New Mexico State University tonight at the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. The Russell Building was built in the 30's and was where many well-publicized events, such as the McCarthy hearings, were held. Tonight, the Russell building housed the New Mexico State University event. Events of this type are known mainly by White House interns as presenting an opportunity for free food and drink. I was told that interns can feed at events like this one most nights of the week. Several New Mexico politicians were present throughout the evening. They included Heather Wilson (I missed her; she arrived and left before we got there), Tom Udall, Steve Pearce (R-NM) and Pete Dominici. Gruet wine and champaign were served, as well as stuff that was supposed to be New Mexico chili, but wasn't.

I saw Tom Udall when he entered the room, and wandered over to introduce myself. When I told him that I used to work at LANL he got a bit wary and told me how important the labs were. Then Senator Domenici entered and the room became hushed. He is quite respected as a senior statesman. Domenici came across the room to give Udall a warm greeting. It was interesting to watch the social dynamic up close, as compared to just reading about it. They all took turns saying a few words about New Mexico, green chili, and blue skies, and then they left.

Doug Roberts,
LANL, Retired