Dec 17, 2007

Dominici Press Release

The press release can be found here (pdf).


Anonymous said...

Thank you, St. Pete. This looks like it will be Domenici's last hurrah for Los Alamos and it is certainly welcome. I can only imagine what the bill would have looked like if Udall occupied Pete's Senate seat.

It appear that there are some selected cutbacks for certain programs at LANL in this bill. Any idea of the outcome these will have on jobs? I suspect that LANS will proceed with a RIF to get to the 750 mark, which means about 350 people would be targeted for layoff after the holiday break.

It's unfortunate that this news was announced just after the SSP recision window for LANL's non-excluded staff was closed shut. Perhaps LANS and NNSA wanted to rush the SSP decisions so they could get SSP volunteers before the FY08 budget was resolved.

Anonymous said...

The complete E&W bill can be read at: