Dec 18, 2007

Editorial: Lab dodges worst; mission must broaden



Anonymous said...

" less bleak for more than 500 families facing layoffs from Los Alamos National Laboratory."

Where did this 500 come from? Aren't there about 500 people between the voluntary and those that left this FY before the voluntary?

Anonymous said...

It's true. Udall and Anastasio can mouth the words that "LANL needs to diversify", but if NNSA and DOE don't want non-weapons WFO, then it is not going to happen.

We'll see what D'Agostino has to say today. I'm betting there will be little mention of LANL, except in general terms regarding pit production, and perhaps by inference when he repeats the goal of consolidating redundant activities like weapons design which is clearly going to Livermore.

Anonymous said...

The LANL community hardcore will never admit it has to change...ever! Arrogant butt-head cowboys don't take friendly advise very kindly; criticism even less. By definition the best and brightest can never be wrong. That's just who we are at Los Alamos.

Now here are the standard comebacks to a post like this one.

1) This person doesn't know what he's talking about.

2). He obviously doesn't work at the Lab, so ignore him.

3). He probably got RIFed in the last layoff and is bitter.

4). I know who this is. He is (fill in the blank) and hates the Lab. So there.

5). Must be one of the anti nuke Santa Fe liberals.

6). WTF! Ass hole!

7). He mispelled a word! Poor grammar, so must be an idiot to boot!

What you won't hear on this blog:

Hmmm, maybe she's got a point!