Dec 4, 2007


Sent in by a reader.



This is not a rumor.

Somebody (let's call him "Bob") taking SSP got a
call from an investment broker who said he
"understood" that Bob was getting money from a
retirement fund soon and would Bob like to invest it with his company.

Apparently, NAMES of SSPs have "leaked" out. To whom? From where?

Big questions for LANS to answer, eh?!


Anonymous said...

well at least you get an early "heads up" before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Random Phone calls perhaps....

Anonymous said...

Or maybe people tell their buddies who then have occasion to talk to these "advisors".

I've gotten calls since the Transition asking me to roll over my Fidelity accounts. The calls come to me at work from an investment company I never did business with - ever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just read the news, and got a copy of a lab phonebook.
Other common tactics are:
"I received your name from a financial news publication, and I understand you have an interest in the market."
"You were referred to me as someone who might be interested in.."

Lab phone numbers must be gold. Each one is probably worth a dollar or two to a lead broker.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the list is complete yet, Management needs to know who and how many before they complete their list..right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, times are tough. Perhaps someone in HR decided to sell a special phone list to make a little extra cash on the side.

Anonymous said...

Investment vultures will be descending on Los Alamos now that the old folks at LANL are again leaving the lab and taking a big severance payment along with their exit. I suggest these new retirees be very careful about how they invest this windfall.

Anonymous said...

Lab phone book is on the web. If you want to narrow the field, pull an old UPTE list for it's "hire date" info and sort by date and salary to identify the old-timers who will be getting a big severance check in the mail.

Sorry, but for me, the existence of witty schemers *outside* the lab is a lot easier to believe in than witty schemers *inside* the lab.

Anonymous said...

Yeah remember it is HR running this. Witty inside HR person is highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

"the existence of witty schemers *outside* the lab is a lot easier to believe in than witty schemers *inside* the lab."

"crunchy on the outside and dense and chewy on the inside."