Dec 16, 2007

Comment of the Week, Sunday Morning Edition

This nugget was left on the Comment of the Week, Saturday Edition post. I confess, it tickled me. The comment was in response to someone having suggested a class action lawsuit over delayed travel reimbursements to staff by LANS.



"So, does the phrase "class action suit" have any relevance here?"


Baaa bah baa baaah bleat baahhh baaaaa ba ba ba *baaaah* bahh-baaa baaa baaa.

Baaaa, baah *baaa* bahhaa bleat baa.

[Translated, "No!

We let Nanos and UC walk all over us when we *weren't* at-will employees. Now, (undecipherable) we're (undecipherable) (undecipherable) (undecipherable).

But, we're *not* glad any more that UC won the contract."]


Anonymous said...

To lead a class action you. need balls. Forget about balls of steal, just balls...period. You had one or two those characters come out of the woodwork during the last Lab layoff, but this go around, this blog has proven those kinds of people are virtually extinct now at the Lab. Instead you've got the mush-for-brain pro Lab core often associated with the likes of Richard Marquez and Terry Wallace running their mouths off. They use blogs like this one to nurture peoples fears about expressing opposing views. You know the type; the anti Hispanic, Santa Fe phobic, whistleblower haters spewing their venom using their anonymous status as cover. Lab employees start a class action? Haaaa!. Or is it Baaaa..baaa..?!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that LANS will make anything better. If its better you might stick around, they don't want that. Maybe if you had any "balls" instead of pouting about a class action suit you might just look for another job and leave....I'm sure many many people will feel your pain on not getting paid back for traveling....on your 150K salary.

Anonymous said...

So, 12:35 PM, I'm not suppose to get reimbursed for lab travel because I make a good salary? You think this is a fair way for an employer to treat their staff?

Perhaps you'll feel different about this when you have your pension reduced and your benefits removed by LANS. And part of the reason this may happen is because staffers haven't been able to go out on travel to help bring in funding to feed your big mouth. Just don't go around whining about your salary and benefit reductions after it happens.

Anonymous said...

Don;t be silly, 1:12.

12:35 obviously doesn't have a LANS pension to lose, because he doesn't work at LANL. He's just a class warfare baiter who's jealous of the salary earned by LANL scientists and engineers. See, you deserve to be impugned if you have a salary of $150K, or even half that much, because the majority of the uneducated masses make only an inequitable $30K or so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous at 12/16/07 12:35 PM is clearly not a past or present LANL employee or a person who has ever had anything to do with LANL. S/he is indeed a "class warfare baiter."

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, 12:35. Many staff have to travel back to DOE Washington to "talk" with their customers. Some LANL folks weekly, others up to 1x per month. Why do you feel staff should have to absorb these costs and forgo reimbursements when its the customer's requirements???

Anonymous said...

Don't get divided - that is what The Man wants.

The Youngbloods said it best.

Come on sheeple, now
smile on your brother,
every-body get together,
try to love one another right now.

Anonymous said...

5:04 PM, don't you know that the word "sheeple" has been banned from this blog. It hurts people's feelings.

Use the more sensitive and politically correct term of "sheep-people", instead.