Dec 2, 2007

Nuclear Weapons “Complex Transformation” Plan Due Soon

Here's the latest from John Fleck's excellent NukeBeat site.

LANL is going to be the "Pits'R'Us" site. No surprise with that one, is there? After all, it's the main reason that Bechtel and BWXT are here. The science is just a quaint after thought for LANS.

** Nuclear Weapons "Complex Transformation" Plan Due Soon **

December 2nd, 2007 | by John Fleck |
The National Nuclear Security Administration is expected to unveil its “complex transformation” plan in early December. Expect to to say pits for new bombs will be made at Los Alamos, and old ones will be taken apart at Pantex:

Pantex is one of five sites vying for a new center that would conduct plutonium research and manufacture about 125 plutonium triggers for nuclear warheads each year.

Although the DOE has not formally announced its preferred site for the new plutonium production and research center, that facility is expected to be located at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Pantex, however, will take on an expanded role dismantling nuclear warheads.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked, do you hear, shocked!

Anonymous said...

I am also shocked so shocked that I am going to open my window and yell at the top of my lungs...I'm am shocked..

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just the Pits...I say the PITS!

Anonymous said...

Like no one saw *this* coming.

Oh, wait a minute. This is that same place where the staff "wanted UC to win the contract so that their benefits would be preserved". Maybe nobody up on the Hill did see this one coming.

Anonymous said...

6:56 pm: You're the only poster on this blog that keeps referring to "the staff wanted UC to win the contract". You are branding yourself - better get off that horse.

PS - it's not true.

Anonymous said...


Sadly, you are mistaken. I am not 6:56, but by office mate actually said that to me. As did the person in the office next to us. Most LANL staff simply could not be bothered to research the facts of the corporate take-over in the months leading up to the announcement of the bid award to LANS.

Anonymous said...

Serious question here. Why would NNSA consider wasting funds at Pantex setting up another place to do Pu research? Aren't two enough?

That this even a rumor is testimony to the excellence of BW marketing, lobbiests, the Lynchburg connection and their long and close ties with Naval brass.

And another example of why we don't want recyled flag officers in NNSA.